Perception reaches Kickstarter funding goal

The Deep End Games has successfully funded their game, Perception, reaching their $150,000 funding goal. They now continue to search for extra funding for stretch goals, including VR Support and Console releases for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Perception is a first-person narrative horror adventure that puts players in the shoes of a young blind woman who must use her extraordinary hearing and sharp cunning to solve mysteries and escape a deadly presence, all without sight.

With the initial funding now reached The Deep End Games have announced the addition of Silent Night Mode, which allows players to set their narrative preference upon the start of the game.

Founder of The Deep End Games, Bill Gardner says, “During the campaign, we’ve heard some horror purists say that Cassie might talk too much for their liking.  While we have a very specific story we want to tell, it occurred to me that we can give gamers the option to choose to play as a Cassie with all her wit and sass, or to play as a more traditional silent protagonist who only talks when the plot demands it.  In this way, we’re letting gamers experience the horror the way that best suits them.”

Players can select their play preferences from the start of the game, the same way that they select brightness and contrast settings. Throughout the game, they can go back into the menu and change their selection.

Amanda Gardner, Lead Writer and Producer said, “As we come closer to the end of our campaign, we want to thank our backers for their support and let them know that we will find a way to continue taking pledges on our own website and that we will be putting those pledges towards adding localization, consoles and VR, should we reach the stretch goals or alternative funding in time to be able to develop those features,” .

Talking all things horror with Perception's Bill Gardner

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