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Ori & the Blind Forest wins the Best Xbox game and Best Audio Golden Joystick awards

Ori & the Blind Forest has been voted the Best Xbox Game in the 33rd Golden Joystick Awards hosted by GamesRadar. 

The beautiful sidescrolling platformer which took four years to make also won the award for Best Audio which isn’t surprising with the amazing soundtrack that accompanied it.

The team took to Facebook to thank their fans for voting. 

Simply breathtaking to see Ori win Best Xbox Game of 2015 and Best Audio of 2015 on Golden Joysticks Awards!Couldn’t be more proud of our incredibly talented team at Moon Studios and Microsoft!

The game will be re-releasing with a Definitive Edition which is adding new content. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should, it’s a stunning looking game with a beautiful story and fantastic soundtrack to boot. 

“We [are] actually adding a lot of new content, such as new areas, which are going to be using new mechanics and actually quite new, exciting artwork, and will have potentially new abilities.”

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