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Line-drawn 2D platformer Perfect Universe coming in early 2016 for PC and PS4

Publishers Excalibur are set to launch Perfect Universe, a black and white line drawn 2D platform game in February 2016 from Indie developer Will Sykes. With a Sony world-wide publishing license now under their belts, Excalibur will also be launching a PlayStation 4 version later in April. Perfect Universe the PC version is set at just $9.99/£6.99 and is aimed to appeal to all fans of indie games.

Perfect Universe is a collection of nine challenging games all with crazy physics using gravitational pull of varying strength. The gravity will vary depending on the size of the matter in each individual game designed to test the players skills to the full.

Perfect Universe1

There are both single player games and a whole section of multi-player games and it is both frustrating and addictive to play. Single player games include some classic platforming in Perfect Moon, attempting to control the feet of a character in Moon Life much harder than it sounds and a new take on the classic “Thrust” game genre.

Single player Games:

  • Perfect Moon – classic platforming
  • Moon Life – a game where you directly control the feet of a character
  • Starlight – a new take on the classic “Thrust” game genre
  • Local multiplayer games (1-4 players):
  • Moon Golf – a side on game of interplanetary golf
  • Gravity Dodge – a frantic platform death match in gravity warping arenas
  • Rocket Ball – ice hockey played with rocket ships
  • Balloon Pop – try to pop more balloons than your friends
  • Moon Volley – volley ball played around a small planet
  • Space Race – race round a track in a rocket ship 

Perfect Universe3

Perfect Universe Key Features Include;

  • 9 games
  • Mind bending gravity
  • Local multiplayer
  • Unique art style

Perfect Universe will be available for the PC in February 2016, with the PlayStation 4 coming in April 2016.

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