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League of Legends eSports EU and NA Finals

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the EU and NA LCS Summer playoffs, where the winner of each region will secure a coveted spot at the 2015 World Championship.

But first up here is a breakdown of how things during the playoffs will line up for the teams depending on where they finish.

1st place = Secured spot at Worlds

2nd place = 90 Championship Points

3rd place = 70 Championship Points

4th place = 40 Championship Points

5th and 6th place = 20 Championship Points

Additionally the team to finish the season with the most championship points from both spring and summer will secure the second spot for their region at Worlds. So a lot is at stake for every team. Here is how the championship points look for the teams in the EU LCS.

  • Fnatic – 90 points
  • Unicorns of Love – 70 points
  • H2K – 50 points
  • Origen – 0 points
  • ROCCAT – 0 points
  • Giants Gaming – 0 points

Alright let’s get into the EU LCS playoffs where we are now onto the 3rd and 4th place match which is H2K vs Unicorns of Love, as well as the finals involving Fnatic vs Origen with a spot at Worlds on the line. This week’s the most used champion from the EU in the 3rd/4th place match and finals was, “Tristana, the Yordle Gunner”.


H2K vs. Unicorns of Love

Game 1

          H2K – Champions played; Odoamne (Rumble) 3/3/9, Loulex (Lee Sin) 0/1/8, Ryu (Ahri) 4/2/6, Hjarnan (Tristana) 7/0/3, and KaSing (Tresh) 0/5/8.

          Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Nautilus) 2/3/7, H0R0 (Rek’Sai) 0/2/7, PowerOfEvil (Syndra) 4/2/5, Vardags (Corki) 4/3/3, and Hylissang (Morgana) 1/4/9.

          Winner: H2K – A great early game from H2K led to over aggression coming out from them that UOL was able to capitalize on to stay relevant in the game. However Hjarnan on his Tristana was too much for UOL to handle in the late game and H2K grabbed the win.

Game 2

          H2K – Champions played; Odoamne (Gnar) 1/2/8, Loulex (Elise) 2/5/9, Ryu (Ahri) 8/2/8, Hjarnan (Tristana) 11/1/7, and KaSing (Tresh) 0/4/12.

          Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Gangplank) 7/1/2, H0R0 (Evelynn) 1/7/9, PowerOfEvil (Orianna) 3/4/6, Vardags (Corki) 3/3/6, and Hylissang (Shen) 0/7/9.

          Winner: H2K – Not a great game by UOL except from Vizicsacsi on Gangplank, but again a great early from H2K with their superior map movement. However, yet again over aggression and mistakes (a.k.a. greed) from H2K allowed UOL to stay relatively close in gold. But yet once again Hjarnan goes massive on his Tristana getting a quadra kill and H2K picks up their second win.

Game 3

          H2K – Champions played; Odoamne (Shen) 5/2/12, Loulex (Lee Sin) 4/1/12, Ryu (Fizz) 2/3/9, Hjarnan (Sivir) 13/1/10, and KaSing (Tresh) 2/3/18.

          Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Nautilus) 2/6/3, H0R0 (Nidalee) 2/6/4, PowerOfEvil (Kayle) 0/5/7, Vardags (Tristana) 5/4/3, and Hylissang (Braum) 1/5/8.

          Winner: H2K – UOL learn their lesson this time and take away the Tristana from H2K, however by doing so they give over the Sivir which is another one of Hjarnan’s main champions. H2K manage to hold off the over aggression for this game and dominate the entire game. H2K win the series 3-0, a clean sweep, and now due to championship points will claim the #2 spot at Worlds for the EU if Fnatic can beat Origen.

Fnatic vs. Unicorns of Love

Game 1

          Fnatic – Champions played; Huni (Lulu) 0/3/1, Reignover (Elise) 1/2/2, Febiven (Viktor) 1/0/2, Rekkles (Tristana) 1/1/1, YellOwStaR (Alistar) 0/2/3.

          Origen – Champions played; SoaZ (Gangplank) 1/0/2, Amazing (Gragas) 3/1/4, xPeke (Varus) 2/1/3, Niels (Corki) 2/0/5, and Mithy (Braum) 0/1/6.

          Winner: Origen – Origen come out the gate swinging picking up the early momentum in the game, while Fnatic struggle in team fights due to a lack of proper engage champions other than the Alistar. Origen grab the victory and hand Fnatic their very first loss all summer.

Game 2

          Fnatic – Champions played; Huni (Gangplank) 3/3/7, Reignover (Elise) 2/1/8, Febiven (Orianna) 6/0/8, Rekkles (Tristana) 5/0/5, YellOwStaR (Janna) 1/1/14.

          Origen – Champions played; SoaZ (Olaf) 4/5/1, Amazing (Gragas) 0/5/1, xPeke (Lulu) 1/2/0, Niels (Sivir) 0/3/0, and Mithy (Alistar) 0/2/0.

          Winner: Fnatic – Complete domination by Fnatic with a much better team composition than they had during the first game. Great map movement and pressure all game, as well a great play coming out of all 5 members. Fnatic take the game and tie the series up.

Game 3

          Fnatic – Champions played; Huni (Fizz) 6/3/9, Reignover (Elise) 2/4/7, Febiven (Lulu) 4/1/14, Rekkles (Tristana) 13/2/9, YellOwStaR (Shen) 2/0/19.

          Origen – Champions played; SoaZ (Hecarim) 0/8/4, Amazing (Gragas) 1/5/9, xPeke (Azir) 3/3/4, Niels (Corki) 5/5/5, and Mithy (Tresh) 1/6/6.

          Winner: Fnatic – Fnatic get their second winning only needing one more to become the 2015 Summer EU champions. Was a great game over all, with things looking a little sketchy with Origen getting some quick kills on their ADC. However it was Fnatic’s ADC who was more of a force to reckon with as Rekkles secured himself a pentakill in front of his own country’s crowd.

Game 4

          Fnatic – Champions played; Huni (Gangplank) 1/6/4, Reignover (Nidalee) 2/5/6, Febiven (Viktor) 3/1/3, Rekkles (Corki) 3/0/3, YellOwStaR (Tahm Kench) 2/2/4.

          Origen – Champions played; SoaZ (Fizz) 5/6/4, Amazing (Elise) 3/1/6, xPeke (Lulu) 0/2/5, Niels (Tristana) 6/0/2, and Mithy (Braum) 0/2/6.

          Winner: Origen – Despite what was yet another excellent early game from Fnatic, they found themselves a composition without any engage tools. Fnatic controlled most of the game up until the later parts as they were unable to successfully siege Origen’s base, and this allowed Origen to turn the tables and tie the series back up 2-2.

Game 5

          Fnatic – Champions played; Huni (Rumble) 4/6/10, Reignover (Olaf) 4/2/10, Febiven (Lulu) 2/0/9, Rekkles (Corki) 5/0/8, YellOwStaR (Annie) 3/2/9.

          Origen – Champions played; SoaZ (Gangplank) 4/4/5, Amazing (Gragas) 3/2/1, xPeke (Azir) 1/4/1, Niels (Tristana) 2/4/3, and Mithy (Janna) 0/4/6.

          Winner: Fnatic – The final game for both teams, the make it or break it point. Fnatic came out the gates strong with a great early and mid game team comp, and with plenty of engage this time. However the game got pretty close as it started creeping later into the game making this a little bit difficult for Fnatic, but a miss-position by some Origen members helped Fnatic capitalize and take game 5. Fnatic win the series 3-2 and secure the #1 EU seed in Worlds as well as become the 2015 EU LCS Summer Champs.

Now that the EU LCS final matches are over here is a look at how things stack up as far as points and spots for Worlds go.

  1. Fnatic – #1 EU seed at Worlds
  2. H2K – #2 EU seed at Worlds (due highest championship out of remaining teams)
  3. Unicorns of Love – 110 Championship points
  4. Origen – 70 Championship points
  5. ROCCAT – 20 Championship points
  6. Giants Gaming – 20 Championship points

Unicorns, Origen, ROCCAT, and Giants Gaming will all then compete in the regional qualifier this coming weekend with the winner securing the third and final EU spot at Worlds. In the first round ROCCAT will face Giants Gaming with the winner moving on to face Origen, and while the subsequent winner of that game facing Unicorns.

And this week’s featured match-up is the game 5 between Fnatic and Origen. In this make it or break it final game for both teams, it comes down to the wire and small mistakes in this intense final match. Enjoy!!

 As with the EU LCS here is how the championship points look for the teams in the NA LCS.

  • TSM – 90 points
  • Cloud 9 – 70 points
  • Team Liquid – 50 points
  • Team Impulse – 30 points
  • Gravity – 10 points
  • CLG – 10 points
  • Team Dignitas – 0 points

And now let’s get into the NA LCS playoffs 3rd/4th place match between Team Liquid vs Team Impulse, and the Finals between CLG (Counter Logic Gaming) and TSM (Team Solo Mid). And this week’s the most used champion from the NA in the 3rd and 4th place match and finals was Gragas, however since he has already been showcased we move on to the second most used champion and that was “Janna, the Storm’s Fury).


Team Liquid vs. Team Impulse

Game 1

          Team Liquid – Champions played; Quas (Maokai) 0/1/8, IWDominate (Gragas) 2/1/6, FeniX (Orianna) 3/1/4, Piglet (Vayne) 3/1/4, and Xpecial (Janna) 0/1/7.

          Team Impulse – Champions played; Impact (Ryze) 0/2/5, Rush (Lee Sin) 2/1/3, Gate (Lulu) 2/1/3, Apollo (Ashe) 0/3/1, and Adrian (Leona) 1/1/3.

          Winner: Team Liquid – A pretty close game all between the two teams, however the Ashe pick up my Impulse didn’t really work out as they were hoping it would. Liquid picks up the win with their superior team fight and engage comp.

Game 2

          Team Liquid – Champions played; Quas (Gangplank) 2/5/2, IWDominate (Gragas) 0/4/5, FeniX (Lulu) 3/3/2, Piglet (Kog’Maw) 1/3/3, and Xpecial (Braum) 0/5/5.

          Team Impulse – Champions played; Impact (Shen) 3/2/13, Rush (Evelynn) 9/0/6, Gate (Orianna) 5/2/4, Apollo (Ashe) 2/2/10, and Adrian (Soraka) 0/0/14.

          Winner: Impulse – A complete blood bath by Impulse just stream-rolling over Liquid mainly due to Rush with his Evelynn pick, getting off many good ganks all game. Between Rush and the great synergy that Impulse showed this game if they can keep this up they can definitely take 3rd place.

Game 3

          Team Liquid – Champions played; Quas (Sion) 0/0/4, IWDominate (Gragas) 1/0/3, FeniX (Orianna) 1/0/3, Piglet (Vayne) 3/0/2, and Xpecial (Alistar) 0/1/4.

          Team Impulse – Champions played; Impact (Malphite) 0/1/1, Rush (Elise) 0/1/1, Gate (Lulu) 0/0/1, Apollo (Kog’Maw) 1/1/0, and Adrian (Janna) 0/2/1.

          Winner: Team Liquid – A well controlled game by Liquid only allowing Impulse one kill the entire game. Impulse basically reverse on what they did the previous game looking out of sorts this game with what seemed like a major lack of communication of what they actually wanted to do.

Game 4

          Team Liquid – Champions played; Quas (Nautilus) 4/2/17, IWDominate (Gragas) 7/0/9, FeniX (Orianna) 6/3/14, Piglet (Lucian) 6/3/12, and Xpecial (Janna) 0/6/15.

          Team Impulse – Champions played; Impact (Maokai) 1/5/7, Rush (Evelynn) 4/2/8, Gate (Diana) 5/7/2, Apollo (Ashe) 4/5/3, and Adrian (Leona) 0/4/9.

          Winner: Team Liquid – Probably one of the closest games the whole series long (in a sense anyway). Liquid was in control most of the game but Impulse did have its bright spots with great play from Gate and Apollo. However Liquid were too tough to beat, and win the game and take 3rd place in the playoffs. Team Liquid win the series 3-1 and will now hope that TSM beat CLG, because if they do Team Liquid will receive the #2 NA seed at Worlds due to championship points.

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Solo Mid

Game 1

          CLG – Champions played; ZionSpartan (Yasuo) 4/0/6, Xmithie (Gragas) 0/0/9, Pobelter (Viktor) 6/1/3, Doublelift (Tristana) 7/1/4, and Aphromoo (Braum) 0/1/10.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Gnar) 0/4/0, Santorin (Nidalee) 0/2/1, Bjergsen (Orianna) 0/4/2, WildTurtle (Kog’Maw) 3/4/0, and Lustboy (Janna) 0/3/2.

          Winner: CLG – An incredibly terrible game from TSM, many have said they crumbled a bit after CLG picked away the Yasuo, which TSM was also planning to pick. Either way CLG are out to prove that they are the best team in NA this year and not their rivals, TSM.

Game 2

          CLG – Champions played; ZionSpartan (Gnar) 4/1/11, Xmithie (Gragas) 3/4/16, Pobelter (Viktor) 8/4/11, Doublelift (Jinx) 12/4/11, and Aphromoo (Janna) 0/2/25.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Nautilus) 2/6/7, Santorin (Ekko) 3/5/7, Bjergsen (Yasuo) 1/5/12, WildTurtle (Kog’Maw) 9/5/6, and Lustboy (Alistar) 0/6/5.

          Winner: CLG – It’s sad to say, but unfortunately this was the closest game in the series between the two teams, if that gives you any indication of how the rest of the games will go. TSM finally got the Yasuo they wanted and it worked well in some situations, however CLG had an extremely effective team as well. With ZionSpartan get several good Mega Gnar timings and Doublelift grabbing himself a pentakill on Jinx. With this win CLG are only one win away from securing the 2015 NA LCS Championship as well as the #1 NA seed at Worlds.

Game 3

          CLG – Champions played; ZionSpartan (Gnar) 4/1/12, Xmithie (Ekko) 8/1/13, Pobelter (Viktor) 7/2/13, Doublelift (Ashe) 4/2/18, and Aphromoo (Braum) 2/3/18.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Nautilus) 4/6/6, Santorin (Gragas) 1/4/9, Bjergsen (Yasuo) 5/3/7, WildTurtle (Kog’Maw) 2/3/8, and Lustboy (Janna) 0/4/10.

          Winner: CLG – Another well controlled game by CLG, ever hear the expression “Come to win, don’t come to play”? That is what CLG did they came to win, while the opposite can probably be said about TSM with the way they played during this series and some of the odd choices they made in champion select. Either way CLG win the game, as well as the series in a convincing 3-0 sweep of TSM. CLG claim the #1 NA seed at Worlds, as well as the honor of winning the 2015 NA LCS summer Championship. TSM however will receive the #2 NA seed at Worlds due to them having the most championship points.

Now that the NA LCS final matches are over here is a look at how things stack up as far as points and spots for Worlds go.

  1. CLG (Counter Logic Gaming) – #1 NA seed at Worlds
  2. TSM – #2 NA seed at Worlds (due highest championship out of remaining teams)
  3. Team Liquid – 120 Championship points
  4. Team Impulse – 70 Championship points
  5. Cloud 9 – 70 Championship points
  6. Gravity – 30 Championship points

Team Liquid, Team Impulse, Cloud 9, and Gravity will all then compete in the regional qualifier this coming weekend with the winner securing the third and final NA spot at Worlds. In the first round Cloud 9 will face Gravity with the winner moving on to face Team Impulse, and while the subsequent winner of that game facing Team Liquid.

And this week’s featured match-up is game 2 of Team Liquid and Team Impulse, where Impulse show what exactly they are made of and what they can do despite in being their only win in the series for them. Enjoy!

And that wraps up the Finals of the League of Legends summer playoffs. Thanks for reading guys and gals, and as always, see you next time!!

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