Kingdom Hearts 2.8 announced for the PS4

With the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 back at E3 2014 driving fans wild, and the confusion of the other Kingdom Hearts title mentioned “Kingdom Hearts 2.9” that left people wondering what this story was about, could it be another HD remaster? A new storyline? Or something else altogether.

Now at Sony’s pre-TGS conference 2015 they have announced another Kingdom Hearts release “Kingdom Hearts 2. (wait for it) 8” yes that’s it “Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter prologue” now I know you’re thinking 2.8? What happened to 2.9 well that’s still in the works, so included in this PS4 exclusive game there are 3 titles running with the HD remaster theme, there is “Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD” “Kingdom Hearts X back cover” and finally “Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2 – a fragmentary passage”.

kingdom hearts 2.8

Now starting from the top, this bundle is to prepare us for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 by giving us the prologue, telling us how we got here with “Kingdom Hearts 3D” what happened in the beginning “Kingdom Hearts X back cover” and one of the biggest questions, what happened to Aqua in the realm of darkness? Well “Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2 – a Fragmentary Passage” will answer that question for you.

Now assuming that the game designs is set out like the other Kingdom Hearts HD remasters, there will be 2 complete games and one cutscene movie and I think and hope that the playable games will be “Kingdom Hearts 3D” and “Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2 – a Fragmentary Passage” and the movie will be “Kingdom Hearts X back cover” because “Kingdom Hearts X” for ios and android is about to be released so I doubt that they would announce another version of the game that would trump the mobile game straight away.

kingdom hearts

There is no release date for this game yet and some would even go to say that this game title is just another filler game to quench our thirst for Kingdom Hearts or its just Square Enix’s way of saying that we are giving you this game to fully immerse people in the Kingdom Hearts lore and backstory before the penultimate climax that is Kingdom Hearts 3 and are you happy about the fact that its a PS4 exclusive title and not PS3 or cross platform (XB1 – PS4) like Kingdom Hearts 3 will be, or like me your just happy to see anything Kingdom Hearts related? Let us know what you think?

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