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Hyper Realistic Mizuchi ‘Car Viewer’ Demo to Debut High Level Rendering Effects at G-Star 2015

Middleware and Graphics innovators Silicon Studio will be demonstrating their new Paradox Game Engine, Mizuchi Rendering Engine, and YEBIS post-optical effects technology at G-Star 2015. The event will take place from November 12th through the 15th at the Bexco Exhibition and Convention Center in Busan, South Korea.

Additionally, Silicon Studio will showcase the Mizuchi ‘Car Viewer’ Demo for the first time outside of Japan which demonstrates the hyper-realistic rendering power of the Mizuchi Rendering engine.

“We are excited to be showcasing our Paradox game engine alongside Mizuchi and YEBIS at the increasingly popular G-Star convention in South Korea,” said Elle Airey-Kajiwara, Head of Global Business at Silicon Studio. “We have a large following of Paradox users in South Korea, so we’re excited to meet them and also to demonstrate the future potential power of the Mizuchi Rendering Engine.”

The expo will also see a demo for Rescue Drone, which is also powered by Paradox’s Game Engine.

Silicon Studio will be located at booth number Q100 where members of the Silicon Studio engineering team and business management team will be available to answer any questions or address any comments.

The following Silicon Studio products will be featured at G-Star 2015:

‘Car Viewer’ Demo – Mizuchi Rendering Engine

Mizuchi is Silicon Studio’s real-time rendering graphics middleware that brings together technology at the highest level. Mizuchi boasts physically based rendering and high resolution features that rival movie level post processing effects, making it possible to reach new heights in graphics. A demonstration of the power of Mizuchi will be shown with the ‘Car Viewer’ Demo for the first time outside of Japan.


‘Rescue Drone’ Demo – Paradox Game Engine

The Paradox Game Engine was created to make game development more efficient and to give developers a plethora of creative freedom. By utilizing C# as the programming language, it allows Paradox to be highly efficient. Making the source open ensures that developers will never struggle with fixing bugs in game and optimization is made easier.

Rescue Drone

YEBIS Middleware

YEBIS is the revolutionary middleware solution developed by Silicon Studio that enables game developers to elevate graphic quality without sacrificing valuable development resources. YEBIS’ post-processing technologies have been utilized in prominent game titles such as: Bloodborne, MotoGP15, and Magic the Gathering.


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