Fragments Of Him heading to the PlayStation 4

Independent developer Sassybot has today announced that its next first-person adventure drama Fragments of Him will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2016. The game had been previously announced for the Xbox One and PC. 

Fragments of Him tells the story of the protagonist Will after his sudden death and how it affected the lives of the people closest after his loss. Players will relive the final moments of the life of Will in a first-person experience and discover the memories of those left behind. People like her beloved boyfriend Harry, who returns to a full of memories of his partner empty apartment; Sarah, an ex-girlfriend who later became good friends with the couple; and Mary, a grandmother who is lonely and betrayed by a society that barely recognizes.

Sassybot will also present the latest version of Fragments of Him at the gaming convention to be held this week in San Jose from December 11th-13th.

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    Great to hear this is coming to PS4