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2015 League of Legends World Championship Group Stage Part 1

          Welcome ladies and gentleman to the 2015 League of Legends World Championship. The Group Stage of Worlds started this past Thursday with teams from Group A, B, and C going at it. But first here is a run-down of the teams in each group.

In Group A we have;

          – CLG (#1 NA)

          – Flash Wolves (#2 LMS)

          – KOO Tigers (#2 LCK)

          – paiN Gaming (IWC)

In Group B we have;

          – Fnatic (#1 EU)

          – AHQ (#1 LMS)

          – Invictus Gaming (#3 LPL)

          – Cloud 9 (#3 NA)

In Group C we have;

          – SKT T1 (#1 LCK)

          – H2K (#2 EU)

          – Edward Gaming (#2 LPL)

          – Bangkok Titans (IWC)

And finally in Group D we have;

          – LGD Gaming (#1 LPL)

          – TSM (#2 NA)

          – KT Rolster (#3 LCK)

          – Origen (#3 EU)


          In past World Championships it’s been no secret that teams from Korea and China have been the dominant teams all the way, far out-classing the teams from the EU and NA. Will that be different at this Worlds event? There are still a lot of games left to be played to know for sure. In Group A the clear favorite to take first is the KOO Tigers, the second seed out of Korea. In Group B the front runner, is Fnatic, the first seed coming out of EU. In Group C, it’s a little closer with first place most likely going to either SKT T1, the first seed out of Korea. Or Edward Gaming, the second seed out of China. While in Group D the clear favorite to take first is LGD, the first seed coming out of China.

          But of course the top two teams in each group will advance to the knockout (bracket) stage, so that 2nd spot in each group could go to about anyone. For those of you who aren’t familiar each team in their group will play the other teams twice for a total of six games consisting of a best of one each time.

          So now that we are ready lets get into day one of the group stages taking place in Paris, France. For this opening coverage I have decided to highlight one specific match per day do give you the recap on. If you would like a recap for every game, leave a reply in the comments below. Enjoy!!



          For the first game of day kicking off Group B we have Fnatic (#1 EU) going up against Invictus Gaming (#3 China). Fnatic ended up steam-rolling over Invictus in dominating fashion only allowing a single kill against them. Winner: Fnatic.

          FNC – Champions played; Huni (Hecarim) 1/0/5, Reignover (Elise) 2/0/2, Febiven (Azir) 1/1/6, Rekkles (Sivir) 4/0/4, and YellOwStaR (Shen) 0/0/8.

          IG – Champions played; Zz1tai (Riven) 0/1/1, KAKAO (Skarner) 0/0/0, Rookie (Viktor) 1/2/0, Kid (Ashe) 0/1/1, and Kitties (Tresh) 0/4/1



          For the second match of the day also from Group B we had Cloud 9 (#3 NA) going up against AHQ eSports (#1 Taiwan). In what looked to be a win for AHQ, the winner turned out to be Cloud 9, pulling off the upset over AHQ.

          For the third match we head over to Group C where the Korean favorites SKT T1 (#1 Korea) facing off against H2K (#2 EU). And to no surprise the winner of this game was in fact SKT T1.

          For forth match of the day also from Group C the Chinese powerhouse Edward Gaming (#2 China) went up against the Bangkok Titans (International Wildcard). And of course the clear winner was Edward Gaming.

          For the fifth match we switch to Group A where Counter Logic Gaming (#1 NA) would go up against the Flash Wolves (#2 Taiwan). In what was a pretty close game CLG grab the victory.

          And for our final match of the day also from Group A, we have paiN Gaming (International Wildcard) going up against the KOO Tigers (#2 Korea). And as expected the winner was indeed the KOO Tigers.



          Kicking off day 2 out of Group D we have KT Rolster (#3 Korea) versus Team Solo Mid (#2 NA). In what was actually expected to be a fairly close game, KT Rolster grabs the convincing win.

          Up next also from Group D we have LGD (#1 China) going up against Origen (#3 EU). In what was expected to be a easy win for LGD turned in one of if not the closest games of day 2 as Origen who strength wise are actually the #2 seed in EU despite worlds seeding gets the upset. Winner: Origen.

          LGD – Champions played; Acorn (Malphite) 2/1/3, TBQ (Vi) 0/6/1, GODV (Lulu) 1/1/6, imp (Kog’Maw) 7/4/2, and Pyl (Braum) 0/4/7.

          Origen – Champions played; SoaZ (Vladimir) 0/3/8, Amazing (Elise) 3/3/9, xPeke (Orianna) 6/1/9, Niels (Kalista) 6/0/9, and Mithy (Annie) 1/3/14.



          Moving on over to Group C the Bangkok Titans (IWC) now play against SKT T1 (#1 Korea), and as expected the winner was SKT T1.

          Finishing off Group C for the day H2K (#2 EU) now found Edward Gaming (#2 China) as their next opponent. And no surprise here either the winner was Edward Gaming.

          Moving on to Group A now and the fifth match of the day the Flash Wolves (#2 Taiwan) ended up facing the KOO Tigers (#2 Korea). And in an upset win the Flash Wolves beat out KOO.

          And now the final game of day two, from Group A, Counter Logic Gaming (#1 NA) take on paiN Gaming (IWC). And as expected in this match up CLG grabs the win.



          Starting off with Group C in what was probably the most hyped match-up of the day, Edward Gaming (#2 China) faced off against long time rivals SKT T1 (#1 Korea). It was payback for SKT who picks up the win against their rival, more cleanly than most people were expecting. Winner: SKT T1.

          Edward Gaming – Champions played; AmazingJ (Darius) 1/5/1, Clearlove (Jarvan) 0/3/6, PawN (Ekko) 2/4/4, Deft (Kalista) 2/3/3, and Meiko (Annie) 1/4/5.

          SKT T1 – Champions played; MaRin (Renekton) 10/0/6, Bengi (Rek’Sai) 1/1/12, Faker (Ryze) 4/2/9, Bang (Sivir) 4/1/13, and Wolf (Braum) 0/2/15.



          In the second match of the day also from Group C we have H2K (#2 EU) up against the Bangkok Titans (IWC). A win over H2K, is probably the only way BKT can pick up a win in this group, however that wouldn’t happen today as H2K secure the win.

          Moving over to Group D Chinas LDG (#1 China) faced off against KT Rolster (#3 Korea). And in another upset KT Rolster dismantle LDG for the win.

          In our next game of the day Origen (#3 EU) take on Team Solo Mid (#2 NA). What was a good start quickly went downhill for TSM, as Origen picked up the win.

          Moving back to Group B we have Invictus Gaming (#3 China) going up against Cloud 9 (#3 NA). And it yet another surprising upset, the winner turns out to be Cloud 9.

          And for the final game of the day also from Group B, AHQ eSports (#1 Taiwan) faces off against Fnatic (#1 EU). And in another upset from this crazy group, AHQ edges out Fnatic.



          And now to get us started and wrapping up the first half of the group stage, from Group D we have Team Solo Mid (#2 NA), going up against LGD (#1 China). Both teams are 0-2 coming into today, but in yet another upset TSM gets the win over LDG making everyone wonder what is going on with Chinas #1 team.

          To finish off Group D we have KT Rolster (#3 Korea) facing off against Origen (#3 EU). Both of these teams are 2-0 so far, but only one can be 3-0 after today, and after a close match that team is Origen as they hand KT their first loss.

          Moving over to Group B we have Invictus Gaming (#3 China) up against AHQ eSports (#1 Taiwan). IG look to get their first win to avoid falling 0-3, and get the win they do as Invictus beats out AHQ.

          And now wrapping out Group B we have Cloud 9 (#3 NA) versus Fnatic (#1 EU). Despite Cloud 9 being underdogs and wasn’t even really expected to win more than one game in this group, they once again pull off the upset as Cloud 9 squeaks by Fnatic as their top laner Balls gets the first “Pentakill” of 2015 Worlds. Winner: Cloud 9.

          Cloud 9 – Champions played; Balls (Darius) 9/4/2, Hai (Lee Sin) 1/2/9, Incarnati0n (Azir) 3/2/7, Sneaky (Tristana) 0/2/8, and LemonNation (Morgana) 0/6/11.

          Fnatic – Champions played; Huni (Yasuo) 5/4/9, Reignover (Gragas) 1/2/11, Febiven (Orianna) 6/1/7, Rekkles (Sivir) 4/2/10, and YellOwStaR (Alistar) 0/4/11.



          The fifth match of the day was far less exciting as we move over to Group A where the KOO Tigers (#2 Korea) took on Counter Logic Gaming (#1 NA). CLG was looking for a 3-0 start; however that dream would be dashed as the KOO Tigers beat CLG.

          And to wrap up day 4 as well as the first half of the group stages also from Group A was paiN Gaming (IWC) taking on the Flash Wolves (#2 Taiwan). And in a stunning upset, paiN Gaming picks up their first win at Worlds beating the Flash Wolves.


          And that wraps up a crazy first four days of the 2015 League of Legends World Championship. As teams will now take a 3 day break and resume group play on Thursday, October 8th. But in the meantime let us take a look at the standings in each group, after a bunch of surprising upsets in these games. (The teams in bold are in position of advance if group play ended today.)



  • Counter Logic Gaming (2-1) (#1 NA)
  • KOO Tigers (2-1) (#2 Korea)
  • paiN Gaming (1-2) (IWC)
  • Flash Wolves (1-2) (#2 Taiwan)


  • Cloud 9 (3-0) (#3 NA)
  • Fnatic (1-2) (#1 EU)
  • Invictus Gaming (1-2) (#3 China)
  • AHQ eSports (1-2) (#1 Taiwan)


  • SKT T1 (3-0) (#1 Korea)
  • Edward Gaming (2-1) (#2 China)
  • H2K (1-2) (#2 EU)
  • Bangkok Titans (0-3) (IWC)


  • Origen (3-0) (#3 EU)
  • KT Rolster (2-1) (#3 Korea)
  • Team Solo Mid (1-2) (#2 NA)
  • LGD (0-3) (#1 China)


          And there you see just how close everything is so far as each team will play each other one more time. Now here are a few statistics for you for the first 4 days of these group stages.

  • The largest number of viewers on RiotGames twitch channel was day 1, and racked up around 627k at one time.
  • The estimated total viewers at the peak (meaning) the highest viewer count for each day was totaled around 2,312,000.
  • A total of 30 unique champion bans.
  • A total of 59 unique champion picks.
  • The most banned champion at Worlds so far has been; Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge and Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal (Picture 1) at 21 bans apiece.
  • And the most picked champion at Worlds so far has been; Elise, the Spider Queen (Picture 2 in Blood Moon Skin) at 15 picks.



 Elise (Blood Moon)


          For more info on the upcoming schedule and teams click the link below…

2015 League of Legends Worlds Schedule and Info

          And that wraps up the first half of the Group Stage for the 2015 League World Championship. Thanks for reading guys and gals, and as always, see you next time!!


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