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The Dark Inside Me Interview with Akçay Karaazmak

Psychological Horror Adventure game, The Dark Inside Me, developed by Horror Film Director, Akçay Karaazmak is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign looking to raise €35,000. Akçay recently took the time out to chat with us about The Dark Inside Me and what inspired him to make a Video Game.

PA2J: You’re a Movie Director by trade, when did you first decide you wanted to make a video game?

Akçay: I’ve been playing video games since the age of 6 maybe. Video games are always my passion, especially the horror and the adventure ones. The first game I made was an adventure as well. It was my graduation project in university. I wrote my own engine for that game.

The idea of The Dark Inside Me came to my mind 5-6 years ago but because I was dealing with my other personal project, I couldn’t find time to give a start. So started working on DIM a year ago.

The Dark Inside Me

PA2J: Where did you first come up with the idea to make The Dark Inside Me and did anything inspire you to create it?

Akçay: I’ve been always writing small stories, scenarios on weird things, horror, psychological horror. Always new ideas come into my mind and I feel that I should visualize them by making a movie, music video or a game. And because the games are interactive, I enjoy it more to put an idea into a game and see how you can interact with that idea. For the inspiration part, it’s hard to say a specific thing. Because I think it’s the combination of everything that affected me in my life.

PA2J: Can you tell me a little about the story behind the game, why players might enjoy it?

Akçay: For me the most special point in the game is its dynamic scenario. All the gameplay changes according to player’s decisions and how he or she plays the game and solve the puzzles. Gameplay and the results of the action in the game will show the real characteristic of the player.

You can play the game and solve the puzzles with various ways. You can be a psychopath or not. You forgive or not, take vengeance upon someone. And the things you do in the game effects the following chapters, sections even the following scene.

For example, in one scene you find the guy that is responsible for some bad things that happened to your family in the past. You can kill him immediately, or torture him to death or you can forgive him. It’s all up to player. If you forgive then he will help you on something and makes things easier for you. If you kill him then obviously he can’t help you. But you should decide to continue to play some scenes with a guy that did bad things to you in past. And sure you also can’t know if he will really help you or not. It’s just a very small example from the game. And gameplay doesn’t change just with the critical decisions. Also lets say there are 2 exits in a scene both leads you to different gameplay, but sometimes you find some clues in the game that give you some idea which one leads you where.

The other part I should little talk about is that you learn what’s going on through the gameplay. Sometimes you go back to your past and face the things that you did and have a chance to change them. And again if you can change, it will again effect the gameplay.

The game is not just horror. It also have very dramatic scenes, that really effects the players mood.

The Dark Inside Me

PA2J: The Dark Inside Me was successfully Greenlit by the Steam Community, that must have been a good feeling, letting you know you were on the right path with the game?

Akçay: Yes, I think that we are on the right path. To be honest because the game is +18 I can’t expect a huge fan community. And game is full of violence and sex scenes but the other thing is, it’s also related how the player wants to play the game.

PA2J: The Dark Inside Me is a 2D Point and Click Horror game, what made you decide to go down that particular route as opposed to creating the game in 3D?

Akçay: For me graphics quality are very important in the games, maybe because I’m 3D artist. And in real-time 3D games, the graphics quality depends on the hardware, it’s not possible to have great detail and quality. Ok, I’m not saying my game has great stunning graphics but hey this is the alpha version of the game, I couldn’t spend enough time for the development. That’s why we are trying fund the game to make it really unique. In the final version of the game, I will make the scenes look much more dynamic with some camera tricks and other techniques.

The Dark Inside Me

PA2J: From what I experienced during the latest Demo for the game, the sound and design have real depth to them, really helping to set the mood for the entire game, how important is it to get these aspects right and how much hard work goes into designing a game like this?

Akçay: You can have stunning visuals but a poor music and sound can kill all the effect of those graphics and also all the mood of game. Because I’m a musician and a composer, I thought and worked in more detail for the sound design and music. It should really match the mood of the scenes and everything should be synchronized with each other.

PA2J: Can you tell me a little about the characters good or evil, that players might meet within the game?

Akçay: There will be many characters with different characteristics. And you can’t always know if they are good or evil. You can meet with any kinds of people in the game. Psychopaths, perverts, killers and many. And sure the good people as well. Characters are not just from our world. Also many from the other side.

The Dark Inside Me

PA2J: On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being seriously horrific, how would you rate the game on a Horror scale?

Akçay: I think I can rate 9.

PA2J: Are there any plans to bring the game to consoles or are you looking at a strictly PC only game?

Akçay: Yes I want to make it available on any platform that I can. Now it’s just for PC, MAC and Linux

PA2J: Being a massive Horror fan, do you have a particular favourite film?

Akçay: Hell yea! But it’s so hard to say just one. So please let me to write couple of them. Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Elm Street, “Frontière(s) and sure Reminiscence: The Beginning.

PA2J: Finally do you have any message for Kickstarter backers or possible future backers?

Akçay: If you like The Dark Inside Me and would like to be a part of it and want the game to be released please don’t hesitate to support us on KickStarter 

Huge thanks to Akçay Karaazmak for taking time out to chat with us, head over to The Dark Inside Me’s Kickstarter Page to find out more information about the game.

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