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Every week PressA2join interview an Xbox gamer to find out what makes them tick in the diverse world of gaming, this week we chat to Megan aka MegsonGrove, let’s start with a bit about yourself. 

Megan: I’m 23 and I live near manchester. I’m back at home for the time being after finishing university a couple of years ago, but my parents want to move soon so I hope to move somewhere with my boyfriend after that! I work in a hospice round the corner from my house, which is super convenient! I have a little Jack Russell Terrier named Buster, who is the most mental dog in the world and I love him to bits!

Megsongrove interview

Cherry: Lol  Buster sounds interesting, do you have any other passions besides gaming?

Megan: My biggest passions apart from gaming are writing and baking/cooking. I did a creative writing degree at university, and have always written poetry from a very young age. I have even had a bit published! I got mad on food at high school and loved food tech, then moved onto baking at uni. I now make cakes for my boyfriend, friends and family every birthday!

Cherry: Cakes?! Can we be friends! Why did you choose your gamertag?

Megan: Well, me and my sister used to love watching Beyblade on Cartoon Network years ago. The main character in that is named Tyson, and my sister started calling me Megson from that. Strangely enough, on a family holiday to Northumberland, my sister saw a road named Megson Grove, and that was that!

Cherry: I wasn’t that cool, I used to watch Cow and Chicken on Cartoon Network. What consoles do you currently own?

Megan: My main gaming is done on my XB1 and X360, so they are both sat on my desk in my room. Hidden away in my room though is my DS, my dreamcast and my megadrive. Stored away in the loft should I ever be drawn to them is my PS1 and PS2, then there’s the Wii in the lounge as well, which we only really go on when my sister is home and we are craving Zelda or Mario party.

Cherry: Mario Party is the best! What is your first gaming memory?

Megan: My very earliest memory is playing the very first Sonic game on the megadrive. It was on our tiny kitchen TV, and it was basically watching my Dad! I was too young to play myself, but I still remember watching him for hours on end!

megsongrove interviewCherry: What was the last game you stayed up all night to play?

Megan: Unfortunately, due to my early starts in the morning, I rarely stay up all night playing games! Having said that, Dragon Age Inquisition had me pretty much hooked from start to finish, and I sank so many hours into that game I’m sure some of them were through the night.

Cherry: What is your favourite series/franchise?

Megan: It is hard to pick just one, but I have loved the Assassin’s Creed series since day one and have played all the games. The second one definitely is my favourite, but I love the fact (especially with Desmond) the story you go through with the characters. It even taught me some history and geography along the way!

Cherry: ACII was my favourite too, Ezio! Who is your favourite video game character?

Megan: I love this question, because it means I get to go on and on about Alistair from Dragon Age! He is by far my favourite character in any game, and I have no valid reason as to why other than he is awesome! He’s an amazing fighter, heir to a throne and not bad looking for a pile of pixels!

Cherry: Yeah, but he was so hard to romance, so moral lol What’s it like working and writing reviews for a website, does it change the way you game having to rush through to get the review up?

Megan: I actually really enjoy it. I was so happy when I was asked to start reviewing for TA, as it combines two of my favourite things (writing and gaming!). It can be annoying if you are having to finish the review for the game’s release, and I find myself paying attention in games a lot more (to both the good and bad), but it has introduced to a whole bunch of games I might have otherwise never played!

megsongrove gamerview


Cherry: I agree, some games I probably would have never played, What has been your least favourite game to review and do you feel bad having to give a game a bad review?

Megan: I don’t like giving games bad reviews really, because I genuinely want to love everything I play! I did review MX vs ATV Supercross on X360 last year, and I really wanted to like it. I couldn’t grasp the controls very well, the online matchmaking and racing was awful, then the game reset all my progress so that was the final straw! I did still give it ⅗ though, as there was a decent amount of good in there!

Cherry: Reset progress is never good. Have you caught up with everything you want to play or are there a lot of games you haven’t gotten round to?

Megan: I genuinely never ever thought I would get a backlog of games, but yet here they are on my shelf! I already have 5 or 6 XB1 games I want to start, like Shadow of Mordor and the new Sherlock game. I’d also like to pick up Hand of Fate at some point as well, and I’m sure there’s others. I am definitely too easily tempted by games.

Cherry: Hand of Fate reset me but was pretty amazing. Do you like to challenge yourself or do you prefer a more story-driven experience?

Megan: Depends what kind of mood I am in really! I played through Dark Souls quite happily, and that was plenty enough of a challenge for me. I don’t like a game so hard that I have no chance of ever finishing it, because I just find that depressing and I am not ridiculously amazing at gaming when it comes down to it. I do love a good story though, and that is what keeps me playing a game in the end.

Cherry: The fact you can’t pause in Dark Souls put me off. Are you normally found hiding in darkness (or bushes) ready to stealth kill your enemy or do you prefer to go in all guns blazing?

Megan: If there is a way to stealth a level in a game without killing anyone, count me in! I love sneaking around games and staying out of combat as much as possible. Games like Deus Ex and Hitman:Absolution I had so much fun playing through because of the focus on stealth. I have Thief waiting on my shelf, so I am looking forward to playing stealthily through that too

megsongrove gamer interview

Cherry: Deus Ex is one of my favourite games! Do you prefer to get lost in a game and play single player or a more co-op/multiplayer experience?

Megan: If games never ever had multiplayer again, I wouldn’t shed a tear! I am quite happy to sit and play through a game on my own, and enjoy the whole experience. I do play multiplayer, but reluctantly and normally only for achievements! Plants vs Zombies GW is some of the most fun I have ever had in multiplayer though! That being said, I have had a lot of fun co-oping games! Halo 4 with my boyfriend, and Portal 2 with a friend were two definite highlights!

Cherry: But killing people online is so much fun. If you were forced to play just one genre, what would you choose and why?

Megan: I think I would have to say RPG. Games like Oblivion, Dragon Age and Dark Souls have sucked up hours of my time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am happy playing most genres of game though, but I’m not great at sports or racing, but I don’t have any particular obversion to them at all. I welcome all genres!

Cherry: What are you currently playing and what are your thoughts on it?

Megan: I’m reviewing Final Fantasy Type-O at the moment, but that is very hush hush until the release. My other main game I was playing through is Rayman Legends on XB1, as its free with gold this month! I’ve loved Rayman since the PS1 days, and was so glad this went free as I was going to pick it up eventually! I love everything about it, even the daily challenges! Those 8-bit levels though, I think I have done some serious damage to my eyes!

Cherry: Yeah I remember the 8-bit levels, I done them twice on the X1 and the 360. Any games you thought were going to be great but turned out to be a huge disappointment?

Megan: I go into most games willing them to be good, and I am rarely disappointed, but a biggie for me was Watch_dogs. Not because I wanted it to be like GTA, but because I was envisioning some amazing game where you hack your way through everything. It didn’t live up to its potential, and the hacking was so quick and simple that the whole game just seemed to fall short for me. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, it just wasn’t as great as I was hoping.

megsongrove gamer interview

Cherry: Any underrated games you would recommend?

Megan: Eternal Sonata, an amazing JRPG that has an amazing story, super graphics and is highly musically based. I would also highly recommend Catherine (a really unique puzzler, with a strange but enticing story) and Asura’s Wrath (a game with an amazing story told through in-game episodes.

Cherry: For once I haven’t played any of those games, what games do you wish would release a sequel?

Megan: I would love any of the above games to have a sequel, as I loved them all!  would also have put Fruit Ninja on the list, if the sequel was not on its way in the coming weeks! Other than that, I’m just waiting on the next Dragon Age, and hopefully a follow up to Oblivion that is better than Skyrim.

Cherry: Loving all the RPGs, Fallout for me!  If you were in a Zombie Apocalypse, which three game characters would you want protecting you and why?

  1. Asura, because he has amazing powers and can even grow to be bigger than the earth!
  2. Iron Bull from DA:I, because he is badass and I reckon he could stop any zombie
  3. The sunflower from PvZ, so he could heal and revive the team; he does a good job in game anyway!

megsongrove interview

Cherry: I think that’s the first time someone has picked a healer! Ever incited an opponent into pure rage after killing them and received any abuse online?

Megan: The only time I can properly remember is playing Soul calibur 4. I was awful at the game, and going for the online match achievements. My strategy was basically to spam buttons and then hope it equalled some good moves. I came up against a guy who I luckily beat in 3 rounds by managing to kick him out of the level every time, this caused some messages flying into my inbox telling me to stop cheating and play the game properly, etc, etc.

Cherry: Lol I tend to spam buttons in fighting games too! Do you try to fully complete your games or just complete the story and move on?

Megan: I hate leaving a game uncompleted, and will try and get through the story on everything where I can. Sometimes you just can’t help it though and get distracted by other games. If I know the game is quick/easy, I will go through it all and try and get all of the achievements before moving onto something else. That was I just try and keep 2 or 3 games on the go at one time, and then move on when I have completed one.

Cherry: What’s your Funniest gaming moment?

Megan: My funniest moments often come when I am playing with my bf/friends here or at their houses. Screaming down the headset at my friend on Portal 2 when he couldn’t figure out what to do was amusing, and shouting through a mouthful of food as he nearly stepped on a tripwire in The Evil Within. Also, I have to mention the sex scenes on DA, as they are so cringey you just have to laugh!

Cherry: Yeah the sex scenes were pretty funny. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us for this weeks gamerview.

megsongrove gamer interview


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