TITLE: Lucky Ads – reliable business partner for advertisers and webmasters

TITLE: Lucky Ads – reliable business partner for advertisers and webmasters


Marketers are constantly searching to attract larger audiences and retain existing customers with the help of advertisements. They tend to discover new ways and platforms for placing ads in order to effectively convert users into consumers. One of those methods is native advertising that utilizes smart techniques for grabbing the attention and interest of people.


Native advertising

To select an effective approach for advertising, put yourself into the consumer’s shoes first. Given that ads appear everywhere, users usually feel like they want to escape from this constant pressure to buy something.


In fact, advertising announcements are everywhere around in printed media, television, radio, and online environment. Another email with a discount offer or a context ad will likely make a user feel indifferent or sometimes even furious. People want to surf the web at a tranquil pace without being constantly attacked by promotions.


Here comes native advertising as a solution to reach consumers in an unobtrusive manner. Very often it is rather difficult to understand that a native ad is something promotional unless it has a tag.


The main idea of native advertising is to naturally accommodate announcements on the platform or website. Native ads usually come in the same design and style as the hosting space. Also, compared to traditional ads, native ones use a different language style such as smooth suggestions instead of flashy banners.


Native advertising platforms

While it is clear that native advertising has immense potential for attracting new consumers, it continues to show its effectiveness over the years. Around 50 percent of internet users do not perceive native ads as actual promotional announcements. Consequently, they feel more freedom and less pressure while making purchasing decisions. This phenomenon benefits higher sales and a better consumer experience with brands.


In order to make the most of your promotional campaign, it is necessary to find the right native advertising platform that will be particularly suitable for your brand. With years of experience, Lucky Ads has proved to be a reliable partner for advertisers in helping them to discover the appropriate web hosting for allocating promotional announcements. This service collaborates with plenty of online platforms where brands can publish their native ads.


At the same time, Lucky Ads allows publishers to monetize content by placing native ads on their websites. This is a trustworthy source of income by collaborating with verified advertisers.


How to create a native ad?

Once you have determined which web platform would host your advertisement, it is necessary to prepare this promotional announcement properly. Overall, the native ad should blend into the ambiance of the host website.


Before creating a promotional item, observe the platform or website where the native ad would be placed to understand its style of writing and design. Based on that, it would be possible to create an ad that would natively integrate into the host environment.


Then think of the text for your promotional post or article to advertise your business products or services. The title should be descriptive but not overwhelming so that users would not immediately perceive it as an ad.