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Wurm Unlimited Review

Wurm Unlimited is a sandbox multi-player RPG set in a fantasy medieval world. Published by Plug In Digital and developed by Code Club AB. Code Club AB have previously developed Wurm Online the MMORPG, of which Wurm Unlimited is the standalone version. Wurm Unlimited being a standalone version of an MMORPG has no story except the story you yourself create. That being said there are elements within the game that do have story-like elements, for example there are four main Gods, three “white light” (“good”) Gods; FO, Vynora and Magranon and one “black light” (“bad”) God; Libila.

Each of these gods move around the world of Valrei, as they do various Scenarios are created and in order to win the scenario they compete for various rare items. Players who participate in these events will be given bonuses and/or penalties based on the various event outcomes. When a Deity wins a scenario they may receive an item that allows a player to become immortal and possibly eventually a Deity themselves. Players can of course ignore these events and remain “Godless” and as such will not receive the said bonuses or penalties with the exception of the more severe (terraforming) ones.

You will start in a town much like this one

Wurm Unlimited:  PC – (Windows [reviewed], Mac, Linux)
Developer:  Code Club AB
Publisher:  Plug In Digital
Release Date: 21 Oct, 2015
Price: £22.49 [Disclosure Game Copy provided by Developer/Publisher]

Unlike in some RPGs the player characters don’t have a level per se, instead the player character has 133 individual skills that can be trained up, there are also 3 religion characteristics and 10 player characteristics that will level up through the training of these skills. The skills in question are levelled up by performing various tasks, for example the mining skill is directly levelled by mining, there are no “points” to assign, performing the task will level up the associated skill. The massive difference between Wurm online and Wurm Unlimited is the rate at which both the actions and skill can be modified. This is done on a per server basis, the servers in Wurm Unlimited are all “private” however some will leave theirs “open” to the public. So if you find your progress too slow or fast you can join a server more to your liking.

A simple but deep crafting system backs up nearly all the skills on offer, while the crafting is done on an item 1 + item 2 = item 3 system the scope to which this is extended is nothing short of impressive. The combat system whilst in the beginning is simplistic, the evolution of your skills allows for more advanced actions. It is backed up by a deep injury system; there are 8 types of injury from the simple bite to the more severe; internal, each with 5 possible severities; it should be noted that even a severe bruise can kill a player if not treated properly. The players body has a number of “parts” that can be injured which increases the depth of the injury system.

I didn’t like the way this spider was looking at me, so I insulted his hairstyle

Each of the games mechanics are robust thanks to these systems, there are a few very minor graphical bugs for example players can use their tent to treat a wound in a pinch, the tent is fully rendered (to other players) in this process, which is immersion breaking, (but hilarious) the other issues I will cover later. The graphics used in this game are the same as Wurm Online which was released in 2006, so they are looking a bit dated. That being said the graphics aren’t bad for a game that focuses on depth. There isn’t much in the way of music but the music is surprisingly excellent, the sound assets are equally excellent and greatly improve immersion.

One thing to note whilst Wurm Unlimited can be played solo, the sheer amount of time investment required it may be best to play with at least a few people on a LAN. As to the other issues, the UI is very intimidating (and a little dated) at first but once you get used to it, it works really well. The crafting menu will be your friend (helps prevent unnecessary clicking). As will the recipe list that is accessed through the crafting menu, the game has an extensive wiki (wurmpedia) which is available in game as well as externally, so there is some reading involved. Combat is difficult until the level increases and without town/tower guards or other players/pets to assist you, you can of course practice on the “Practice doll” and “Archery target”. The combat remains simplistic and once a stance and style are chosen all the actions happen automatically, which is actually nice as the rest of the game involves a lot of labour.

My house is indeed a very, very fine house #proud

My experience in this review has been based on playing in a “closed server” with about 13 people (6 of us playing in our settlement) with 8x skill gain and 6x action speed. My conclusion; You want a game with depth, that requires a fair bit of work (hard labour) but is rewarding with a sense of accomplishment upon completion of projects then you may find Wurm Unlimited is a good option, just be aware of the substantial time investment. My biggest gripe is the game doesn’t have any automation, the developers are still working on it and there is always the possibility of mods. As always (and indicated) the game has far too much scope for me to cover here, so consider this a taste. Keep your eyes peeled on our YouTube for a video coming soon. Additional screens available here: imgur

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