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Roundabout Review

Developed and published by No Goblin games a studio founded by designer Dan Teasdale after working at Twisted Pixel and Harmonix, Roundabout is a unique open world driving puzzler that has you controlling a continually spinning Limousine as you navigate your way round the colourful and crazy world of Roundabout.

A bizarre taxi simulator where you control Georgio Manos, a soon to be famous revolving limousine driver who has a fierce rivalry with Ronaldo, also a revolving Limousine driver, what are the chances? The game is set in the 1970s and has a whole host of cheesy, yet likeable characters that you take on wacky journeys around the city.

Roundabout review       Revolving Limousine coming through

What makes this game so unique, apart from the spinning Limousine of course, is that like LocoCycle the games cutscenes are full motion video and the way animation and video is blended together works brilliantly. Georgio remains silent throughout the game but pulls a series of stern and funny faces as she listens to what her comical passengers have to say. It’s not easy being a Limousine driver, there are highs, lows and heartbreak as passengers come and go out of Georgios life in a spinning blur.

What is constant though is Georgios knack for surviving explosions that would devastate a normal human being. When you play this game, expect to die a lot. Navigating around the many obstacles of the game can be a bit tricky to master but the game doesn’t punish you too severely for this and you respawn at the last circle you passed which is normally pretty close to where you unfortunately exploded, fortunately not killing your passengers or you.

Georgio roundaboutI seem to have lost my ability to talk

There are spinning planes, cars and narrow streets all stopping you getting to your destination. There are a host of upgrades that help depending on your playstyle. Upgrades that make your limo float on water, slow down time so you can get around that tight corner and a music box which plays a sweet, tantalising tune that makes pedestrians run straight towards you, causing the majority of them to run straight to their deaths whether they’ve died on a fence or under the wheels of your spinning limo of doom.

Although the story is short, collectibles are rife throughout the city. With horns, stashes of cash and jumps to be found. You can also use your well earned cash to buy properties which generate more cash that pay for new paint jobs and “hats” for your ride. You can have everything from a Burger, cash or a pumpkin sitting proudly atop your car or even an Eagle flying above.

There are also numerous challenges to complete and compete against the world or your friends. Running over pedestrians, bouncing a ball or harvesting crops. You can also compete in the speedrun mode once the game is done which takes you through every ride in the game and puts you on leaderboards to compare your rank.

roundaboutRepair your Limo at garages dotted around Roundabout

You’re scored for rides in a percentage. There are different requirements that you have to meet to get 100%. Completing the ride quickly, not dying, collecting all the stars and not losing your streak all factor into your score. So mastering and completing the game may be a challenge for some.


Overall I love that the game never takes itself too seriously, deaths are comical as are the passengers you escort to various destinations. The landscape changes from a hot beach to snow covered fields and is colourful and fun. The game mechanics can be slightly frustrating to master but easy enough for you to be able to complete the story without having too much difficulty. The only problem I had was the game glitched out on occasion, spawning me straight into death or through buildings, but as you’re not punished too bad for death this doesn’t become more than a slight annoyance.

Roundabout Xbox One

Roundabout Xbox One

Overall Game Rating

7.5 /10


  • Fun, witty & unique characters
  • Colourful Environment


  • Too many collectibles
  • May be hard to master for some
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