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LEGO Marvel’s Avengers London Event Hands On Preview

On March 26th, I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to the Lego Marvel Avengers Press Event in the Leadenhall Building in Central London. Having been a big fan of the past Lego games, especially Lego Marvel Super Heroes, I was excited to get the chance to go to a press event and get to play the game first hand a few days before its release. After being escorted through the building and to the lift, we went up an amazing 42 floors and were led out to a room scattered with PlayStation 4’s with copies of the game ready to play.


As I was there with a friend, we also got a chance to play the game in the co-op mode as well as the normal single player mode. The co-op mode was easy to jump in and out of, with you joining at the press of a button on the second controller and dropping out via the menu, and the actual levels themselves, like the past games, are well suited to co-operative play. You will always have at least two characters running through the level as it is, so the opportunity to jump into co-op is always there. The game changes into split screen when you get too far apart and merges back together when you get close enough again, so you are able to do your own thing in the level to a point.

The game’s story manages to incorporate both of the Avengers films, and merges them together into one long storyline perfectly. Through the first 4 or 5 levels that I managed to play through, there were scenes from both of the films mixed together in the story, as well as adding in the backstories of some of the Avengers too, such as Captain America. These seem to be put into the game as flashbacks, so that they still manage to fit into the story. Quotes from the films are used by the characters frequently throughout, and fans of the films will recognise them all the way through, which is a nice touch and something the Lego games are very good at doing.


New York is back as a hub world, along with the Heli-carrier and Shield base, the levels are scattered across the earth, which acts as the level selector. There is the usual variety of levels, and a whole bunch of characters too. The usual Avengers are back with their different outfits and forms, and other characters are available to unlock and find in the hub worlds and levels. All the typical Lego signs are there, such as gold and red bricks, character tokens, Stan Lee, races and special abilities. The combat flows as well as you would expect, and the transitions between the levels work really well too.

After playing for about three hours, it was definitely easy to see that this was a perfect route to carry the Lego games down, especially after how well they did with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. It feels and plays like the rest of the Lego games, which is the biggest compliment you can give it, but in the time that I played it, I still came across a couple of the characters getting stuck in the floors and the walls, which are typical little Lego glitches you would expect from these games. They don’t seem to cause any big problems as usual and are more funny than anything else.


All in all, my preview of the Lego Marvel Avengers game was a thrilling experience and I am looking forward to playing and reviewing the full game when it releases in the UK in a couple of days. Keep an eye out on the site for the full review!

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers launches on the 29th of January in Europe for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows.

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