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Super Dungeon Bros Gets an All New Update; Available Now on PC and PS4

Today, Wired Productions announced the release of its all new update for Super Dungeon Bros, which is available now on PS4 and PC, with an Xbox One update coming early 2017.

The first in a series of upcoming updates for Super Dungeon Bros features a number of major improvements from online multiplayer to overall usability and in-game functionality improvements.

Super Dungeon Bros latest update includes:

  • Online Multiplayer – Bros and Broettes can now rock out with 2, 3 or 4 other players in On and Offline Co-Op Multiplayer with Private Lobbies also now available.
  • Improved Game Functionality – Single Player and Multiplayer revive functions now match each other, missions related to achievements have been corrected and characters now include an outline when behind set objects (pillars etc) plus much more.
  • Weapons Stability – Increased mobility and improved re-load times for ranged weapons as well as fixes for specific issues related to various weapons HP.
  • Multiple UI Enhancements – Various UI enhancements have now been implemented including an on-going score count, improved contextual prompts for the threat meter and weapon upgrades.
  • General Bug Fixes and Improvements – A host of general bug fixes and improvements, including significantly reduced loading times as well a considerable reduction in frame rate issues encountered by some users.

Alongside these changes we also see the release of Super Dungeon Bros on Mac.

Super Dungeon Bros is available now on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Mac.

Brandon has been gaming for over a decade and whilst it’s not as long as others has survived just as many encounters as most. From hiding in a cardboard box to collecting 120 stars. Brandon’s favourite game series is Halo but he enjoys stealth games and RPG’s also. He studies media at A-level and can be typically be found boarding covenant ships.


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