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Rockstar Games Teasing Possible Red Dead Redemption Sequel; Possibly Titled ‘Red Dead Retribution’

Developer Rockstar Games has updated its official site to feature a wash of red on its loading screen with the companies trademark logo in the centre, sparking fresh speculation of an incoming announcement for a possible sequel to Red Dead Redemption.

The Grand Theft Auto developer also changed its social media, including its official Twitter page to include the new red landscape, symbolic with the 2010 western classic shooter.

As is often the case, it didn’t take too long for the internet to begin probing the tease with one Redditor inspecting the source code for Rockstar’s official website for possible clues, only to find the title “Red Dead Retribution” amongst it.

The very name had been written off as a fake after game covers leaked online recently, although this latest leak may hold more credence due to the very fact that it was found on the developer’s website.


We’ll keep you updated as and when Rockstar Games make any announcement regarding a follow up to Red Dead Redemption.

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