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Resident Evil 7 “It’s Not A Reboot And We’re Not Throwing Away The Series” Says Dev

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 will not be a reboot of an existing title and will be a continuation of the series mainline story, according to Capcom developer Kōshi Nakanishi.

Speaking in a recent interview with Capcom Unity, director Kōshi Nakanishi along with producer Masachika Kawata opened up about the latest chapter in one of survival horror’s biggest name franchises, discussing and addressing a lot of unanswered questions since the games reveal during Sony Computer Entertainment’s briefing at E3 2016.


It’s not a reboot and we’re not throwing away the series’ canonical storyline” says Nakanishi-san. “It’s the new numbered title in the series and it’s a sequel to the existing mainline series titles. After I say that and you try the demo, you may say “Really?”, because it looks nothing like any of that, but trust me. We need to have a bit of mystery in survival horror, so we’re trying to make you wonder when you play it how could this possibly be connected? That’s part of the appeal“.

Resident Evil 7 will feature a first-person perspective for the first time in the series, something Kawata believes to be the best way to fully experience a horror game “Both myself and the director, Mr. Nakanishi, felt if we want people to experience horror and experience it in the most direct, visceral way possible, then literally putting yourself in the position of seeing what the character sees is the best way to do that and so it was our motivation for the first-person camera change“. Nakanishi added “As soon as we had it up and running we were really confident that this was the way to move forward. We were really happy with the way that Resident Evil feels in first person“.


The recent release of a free playable demo on the PlayStation Network left some fans of the beloved series worried about the route Resident Evil 7 would take, with possible supernatural elements involved, something Nakanishi moved to address “I want to give a reassuring message. I’ve seen from initial reactions of what we’ve put out that people are getting the impression that we’ve taken Resident Evil and turned it into some sort of supernatural, occult, ghost story. I think you can look at the trailer or the demo and get that impression, but don’t worry, we haven’t just thrown out Resident Evil as it exists and turned it into a ghost story. It will all make sense in the end“. He would go on to say, “I know it’s frustrating holding back on what we can show fans, but this is really the best way to let you enjoy the game to the fullest when it finally comes out. ”

Resident Evil 7 is available January 24, 2017 on PlayStation 4 (featuring PSVR Mode), Xbox One, and PC.

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