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Psychological Horror Grave VR Arrives For HTC Vive In Time For Halloween

Grave VR, a psychological horror game set in a surrealist desert wasteland will be available for HTC Vive in time for this coming Halloween, developer Broken Window Studio has announced.

Developed specifically for HTC Vive, Grave VR is a loose prologue to the studio’s main title Grave, a larger open world horror experience that was successfully funded through Kickstarter back in 2014.

Grave VR will focus more emphasis on story and progression than many previously released VR titles and even features a unique traversal system that sees players looking into the distance to choose where they want to go next, instead of being limited to scripted waves of enemy attacks. “We don’t want the players of Grave VR to forgo the campaign in favour of survival mode, although we definitely will be providing both options,” says Broken Window Studios’ Creative Director. “Our goal is to make the story mode as compelling, if not more, than any other way to play the game, while borrowing some of the things we love from classic survival horror.”

Moore likens the studios new VR horror experience to that of classic games from the genre, “We see Grave VR as the ‘Silent Hill’ to the “Resident Evil” of other VR games, in that it’s more focused on tension and psychological horror“. There will be a lack of guns in Grave VR but with good reason as Moore explains, “We’re not looking to make the player feel powerful or give them a huge arsenal of weapons. In fact, there aren’t any actual guns or traditional weapons in Grave VR. Instead of pistols, shotguns and uzis, players will be tasked with finding the right uses for items like matches, flashlights and flares“.

Grave VR will be available Tuesday, October 25th. The game will also launch with a 10% discount off the usual $19.99 price tag for anyone who picks it up before the holiday ends.

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