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GameStop Italy Opens Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders for 399.98€

GameStop has begun taking pre-orders for Nintendo Switch ahead of the companies important announcement in New York during its 5-hour long event on January 13th.

Pre-orders are now available on GameStop Italy at a suggested price of 399.98€, which is considerably higher than the previously rumoured 299.00, however with the price likely a placeholder, GameStop claims it will refund the difference if the current pre-order price alters before launch later this year.

Pre-orders for Nintendo Switch are not yet available on the UK or North America GameStop websites.

More details are likely to follow Nintendo’s major Switch event on January 13th in New York.

Better known as RzrsS in the video game scene, Stephan Rodts has been playing video games for nearly his entire life. He started out shooting poor ducks out of the sky in Duck Hunt on the Nintendo, but now shoots everything that moves. Be warned.


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