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Adventure Platformer RiME Coming 2017 Promises Tequila, Gets New Publisher In Grey Box

Deadlight developer Tequila Works has announced a new publisher (Grey Box) for its evocative adventure platformer, RiME.

Since its debut announcement, RiME has seemingly been passed from pillar to post, having been first offered to Microsoft who later rejected the game due to a mismatch with its Xbox One XBLA publishing policies before striking a deal with SCEE who purchased the I.P and rights to publish RiME as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, only to reacquire the rights in March of this year.

From its very first moving reveal, RiME has been a game that has excited and fascinated our team,” said Christian Svensson, COO of Six Foot. “Tequila Works has put an immense amount of passion and creativity into shaping a beautiful and deeply personal universe, and we’re all excited to share that experience with gamers next year.”

Tequila’s latest press release leaves the platform destination of RiME up in the air claiming that the adventure platformer would debut on gaming platforms in 2017, the developer does however plan to share more details on platform availability along with gameplay at the beginning of next year.

Drawing comparisons to past games such as Journey, RiME is a single-player puzzle adventure game about a young boy shipwrecked on a mysterious island after a torrential storm.

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