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A Serious Halloween Interview With Dying Light Developer Techland

We like to keep a laid back attitude here at PressA2Join, but with Halloween right around the corner we decided to reach out to one of our friends at Techland who turn 25 years young this week and decided to have a 100% serious, heartfelt discussion for once about the holiday and what it means to all of us. Please treat this piece with the dignified attitude it deserves.

PressA2Join: The Dead Island series and The Dying Light feature thousands upon thousands of undead swarming the player. Where did you find so many actors to do the motion capture for the character models and how long did it take for you to apply make-up to each of them?

Techland: We basically dodged all the major employment regulations and just hired the kind of “people” that are cheap but surprisingly effective for what we require.

No need for benefits, insurance or even taxes. Win!

Was there a lot of field research involved in designing the resort in Dead Island? Did you draw straws to see who was the unfortunate person who had to spend months abroad doing it?

Lucky for us we live in wonderful times where Google Images will show you pretty much everything you want. So it was an immense relief when we found out we won’t be going to Fiji, Hawaii or The Seychelles and rather we could just look at images of those places from our desks at the office…

How zombie-proof are your headquarters? Walk us through your contingency plan in case of a zombie apocalypse (Imagine the traffic this would net us if this was 2007-2008).

We had a plan in place but Health and Safety had “issues” with things like flame pits and machetes stocked piled in every kitchen. Pfft.

In all honesty though ditching the contingency plan worked out better for us. We saved some cash (maintaining fire pits is kinda expensive) plus we realised if the zombie apocalypse ever did break out, it would probably be our fault and we’d be patient zero anyway so what’s the point?

What became of your ludicrously priced crowdfunding campaigns? Were there any celebrity takers for the highest tiers? Was there anyone in particular you wished would take you up on it?

Can you believe nobody took us up on that offer? It’s like the world can’t see a solid investment when it’s staring them right in the face. Deep down though, we all still believe a certain eccentric Australian actor/director is going to be calling us any day now. So if you’re reading this, answer my tweets Gibsy!

Will any of the studio be braving this Halloween in outlandish costumes to scare the little kids and the rest of the studio out of their minds? if so, who is likely to make the most effort?

Hmm. Well, most of the guys in the marketing assets team have cheap, made-in-China onesie pyjamas which they bought online. So if I was a child and saw 5 adults in horrible, fuzzy pyjamas coming at me then I sure as hell would be scared…

Will Techland be doing anything special to celebrate this coming Halloween? Give us some insight into what will most likely happen this year.

For the fans of Dying Light we put together a cool community bounty where the Be The Zombie scores will be counted globally. At the end of the weekend, the side with the most wins will be declared the “ultimate predator”. Also, anyone who partakes gets a gold weapon. As for us personally, we’re actually celebrating our 25th birthday this week as a company. So we’re having a big party and counting on a lot of people to dress as something really inappropriate.


In your opinion what makes Halloween such a special holiday?

It’s the one time of the year you get to dress up like a weirdo and nobody bats an eyelid. Plus free candy.

Will you indulge in playing horror games, watch scary films together this Halloween. If so, which ones will most likely get some air time?

A lot of us are still loving Until Dawn and Alien: Isolation so expect a few games of that over the weekend. Oh, and a few of us have already agreed we’ll be taking part in the Dying Light Halloween event just so we can skew the numbers in favour of the Night Hunter.

As for films, a quick discussion in the room led most of us to realise we need to watch The Babadook and Let Me In based on one person’s recommendation.

We hope you all have a blast! Also, the Swedish original upon which Let Me In is based is better.

The studio also transformed their Dying Light Community Manager into a walking corpse and shared the results with us via a speedy zombie makeup tutorial that people at home can also use to get that authentic undead look this coming Halloween. Check out the video below.

Paul is mainly a PC Gamer with an affinity for interesting or unique gameplay styles or mechanics. He prefers a good story and engaging gameplay over polygons, and frame rates. He's also going to make a game one day, just you watch. Just as soon as he gets some time. Any day now.


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