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Editor: This weeks Gamerview is with Nick aka N1ckkz, let’s start with a bit about yourself.

Nick: My name’s Nick and I live in Nottinghamshire with my lovely girlfriend Leanne. Much like yourself & Dan, we both game together most of the time and we make an awesome team! It’s really great having an achievement hunting partner in life ;). We also game a lot with our close friend, ProjectSpartanX.

Ed: It really is great to have an achievement hunting partner that understands the need to game! Do you have any other passions besides gaming?

Nick: Yes, I enjoy watching a lot of TV, I’m a huge film buff and I enjoy my programs too, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones etc. We also love going on holiday, mainly around the UK.

Ed: The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are such great shows!  Why did you choose your gamertag?

Nick: I’ve been using different variations of this name for about twelve years, it started out on the PC when I played Unreal Tournament competitively. When I got an Xbox, it sorta stuck.

Ed: So apart from Xbox what consoles do you currently own?

Nick: Well I used to be somewhat of  a collector up to about last year but I’ve still got all my old consoles from childhood, Sega Megadrive, Master System, NES/SNES, etc. My most recent consoles mainly consist of Xbox’s, I’m currently using the Halo 4 LE console (360) and the Advanced Warfare Xbox One console. I’ve got the Gears of War console and the Halo Reach console. Leanne also has the Gears of War console.

I think my most prized console is my white Xbox One ‘I Made This’ Employee Edition, I bought this from a charity auction on the Xbox Ones launch but it did cost a small fortune.


Editor: Definitely jealous of all your consoles! What is your first gaming memory?

Nick: I’ve been gaming for years but all I can think of is playing Alex the Kid on the Sega MasterSystem, it was built in to the machine and I loved it, I don’t think I actually beat it though 🙁

Editor:What was the last game you stayed up all night to play?

Nick: Terraria the other night lol. Stayed up with Leanne until 8AM trying to finish it.

Ed: 8am! Bet you were tired the next day. Who is your favourite game developer?

Nick: Bethesda, I absolutely adore the Fallout/Elder Scrolls games. I’m also a huge fan of Bioware as they’ve got some great titles out there too (DragonAge / KOTOR)

Ed: You have very good taste lol, Favourite game character?

Nick: It’s gotta’ be Trevor from GTA V 


Ed: Good choice!  Describe your perfect game

Nick: I love to explore an open world game and loot things from chests/boxes and have random battles with enemies. I find games like this so relaxing.

Ed: That does sound perfect. Some games have amazing soundtracks are there any that you particularly liked?

Nick: I thought the intro music to Battlefield: Bad Company was really inspiring, the music really put me in the mood for gaming.

Ed: I love the old Battlefield games, What’s been your toughest game completion?

Nick:I really love playing tough completions but I was brought to my knees on Thrillville: Off the Rails – it’s not a hard game but one of the achievements took me 3 days to get ‘Lunar Lunatic’  – As for my toughest completion, I’d say Mortal Kombat as Fighting games aren’t my strong point. I’ve still got one achievement left though for playing the gaming 24 hours with each character but it’s more or less complete.

Ed: Well done on your completions, do you like to challenge yourself or do you prefer a more story-driven experience?

Nick: I love a challenge but I also enjoy story-driven games now and then.

Ed: What game from any old console would you like to see be remade for current gen consoles?

Nick: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars Knights Of The Republic

Ed: What is your favourite genre and game from that genre?

Nick: Really tough question as I like to play all genres, on this occasion I’m going to pick Sandbox and Saints Row 2. Me and Leanne played this for so many hours in co-op just messing around, truly an amazing game.

Ed: I loved all the Saints Row games until 4, what are you currently playing and what are your thoughts on it?

Nick: GTA V’s new DLC ‘Heists’ I’m quite impressed with them but a bit disappointed with the current issues they’re having. Fun with friends though.

Ed: Any games you thought were going to be great but turned out to be a huge disappointment?

Nick: Saints Row: The Third – I was so excited pot get this and I hated it, they made it too unrealistic and ruined the series for me 🙁

Ed: I actually liked the third, I thought they took number four too far, any underrated games you would recommend?

Nick: Risen – A great RPG game that didn’t really get much feedback but it’s a really great game.

Ed: I started that, a woman in a jungle asked me to get a frying pan and I turned it off lol , what games do you wish would release a sequel?

Nick: Another Fallout game. Vegas was really poor in comparison to Fallout 3.

Fallout New Vegas

Ed: Yes! More Fallout!  If you were in a Zombie Apocalypse, which three game characters would you want protecting you and why?

Nick: Tony Luciano: Blue Estate ( He’d make me chuckle even in the face of destruction lol )

Master Chief: Halo ( If he can deal with all those enemies in Halo, zombies would be no problem)

Optimus Prime: Transformers ( He’d be able to carry me )

Ed: I love seeing everyones answers for that question, good choice! Ever incited an opponent into pure rage after killing them and received any abuse online?  

Nick: Happens all the time 🙁

Ed: Must mean you’re good at it lol Favourite Multiplayer class/gun?

Nick: Shotgun – Halo 3 ( It’s also nice to have an unfair advantage with an overpowered shotty )

Ed: I always found myself getting beat down in Halo 🙁 lol . What’s your Funniest gaming moment?

Nick: I spawned inside a moving vehicle on Saints 2 (German) and it looked like I was kidnapped because I was curled up in the back 😀

Ed: Haha I love when games glitch out like that, I’ve been sitting driving around in an invisible car before. Thanks for talking to us for this weeks Gamerview!

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Paula has been a passionate gamer since she spent hours playing Crash Bandicoot and Spyro during her childhood. She is a huge fan of RPGs and loses hundreds of hours searching for every sidequest. Not one for missing out, she games on both XB1 & PS4.


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