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Every week PressA2Join interview an Xbox Gamer to find out what makes them tick in the diverse world of gaming. This week we interview Stacy aka Lil Pumpkin 3DG, let’s start with a bit about you

Stacy: My name is Stacy and I live in beautiful Michigan with my awesome gamer boyfriend. We both work but when we get home, it’s game time. He’s my go to co-op partner and we’ve laughed, raged, and completed many games together.

Cherry: Sounds like a lot of fun, so do you have any other passions besides gaming?

Stacy: Sadly, I don’t really do much besides gaming, working, and listening to music.

Cherry: Pretty much the same as me, gaming and music! So why did you choose your gamertag?

Stacy: My gamertag is actually a nickname I had from a previous relationship. I would like to change it but so many people know me as Pumpkin, I would feel kind of weird just changing it on everyone plus I haven’t made up my mind on a new tag yet.

Lil pumpkin 3dg gamerview

Cherry: Maybe pick a different vegetable lol, What consoles do you currently own?

Stacy: I have an Xbox 360 and I just got an Xbox One for Christmas. I would like to someday get a PS3 just so I can game it up with my brothers but haven’t had the chance to pick one up yet.

Cherry:What is your first gaming memory?

Stacy: This is going to age me so bad but I remember visiting with my family and one of my cousins had a regular Nintendo system and I remember a bunch of us waiting around for our turn to play the original Super Mario Bros. That jump in the very first level used to be so intimidating!

Cherry: I played that a lot too, What was the last game you stayed up all night to play?

Stacy: My job has me working such early hours I’m lucky if I can make to 9pm most nights but I’d have to say Iron Brigade is the last game I stayed up really late playing. I had so much fun working on it with friends, it had so many hilarious names for the enemies and was just an all around great game.

Cherry: Wow, my night begins at 9pm lol, What is your favourite series/franchise?

Stacy: It’s a tie between the Rock Band series and the Borderlands series. I love jamming on Rock Band 3 trying to gold star as many songs as I can. The Borderlands games are my favorites because it’s a non-competitive shooter. I also like looting crates trying to find better weapons and customizing my characters and building their skill trees to make them absolute beasts out in Pandora.

lil pumpkin 3dg gaming set up


Cherry: Who is your favourite video game character?

Stacy: Claptrap!! Some people find him annoying but I love that little robot!!

Cherry: I love Claptrap! So what is your Multiplayer class/weapon of choice?

Stacy: I’m usually the medic of the group. I loved running around in Battlefield reviving and healing teammates and my weapon of choice was always the Aug A3. I’ve gotten so many service stars with it and just feel unstoppable using it.

Cherry: Who/what is your favourite game enemy/ Villain?

Stacy: I’d have to go with Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2. He’s such an arrogant prick but has some of the funniest lines in the game.

Cherry: lol yes he is, do you enjoy fully completing your games?

Stacy: I like to finish as many of my games as I can but I have come to terms with not being able to fully complete some. The Top Hat challenges in Naughty Bear are just ridiculous so that game will most likely never be finished. Same goes with some of the grindier multiplayer achievements on games like Grand Theft Auto 4 and Gears of War 3. I feel like I’ve done enough on them to be satisfied with where they sit completion-wise.

Cherry: Seriously 3.0 is ridiculous, do you like to challenge yourself or do you prefer a more story-driven experience?

Stacy: I’m a combination of both. I like to challenge myself with getting as many achievements in a game as possible but I also like a good story.

clap trap

Cherry: What old games do you wish would get a remake for current consoles?

Stacy: Definitely the Left 4 Dead series!! I had so much fun with both games, I would love to see remastered versions or possibly a Left 4 Dead 3.

Cherry: More Left 4 Dead would be great! , do you prefer to get lost in a game and play single player or a more co-op/multiplayer experience?

Stacy: It really depends on the game. I like doing my own thing in single player games but I also enjoy the teamwork of co-op. I have my moments with multiplayer. Sometimes I have a blast going on killstreaks, getting those tags, and being on top of the match leaderboards, but other times it can end up being the most miserable experience for all involved. You’ve played mp with me many times, you know all too well of my infamous rage fits!!

Cherry: Taking tags is too much fun lol, Is Xbox your main console of choice and why?

Stacy: Xbox is definitely my console of choice. I grew up having played almost all platforms available and I think that Xbox is the right fit for me.

Cherry: Xbox, because achievements 😛 , what are you currently playing and what are your thoughts on it?

Stacy: Lately I’ve been playing Dead Rising 2. It was part of the Bean Dive I did last year and though my dive has been recovered, the completionist in me wants to see this game through to the end. I thought it was a good game. My boyfriend and I jumped into it thinking we could just run through the story not realizing that we both needed to be at a higher level to even try to defeat certain psychopaths. It was fun though, I’m enjoying it a lot more now that I know what I’m doing. I’ve also jumped back to a couple of my favorite games, Borderlands: the Pre Sequel and Grand Theft Auto 5, since they’ve both recently dropped dlcs this month.

dead rising 2 psychopaths

Cherry: Dead Rising was a great game and the Psychopaths were hilarious, any games you thought were going to be great but turned out to be a huge disappointment?

Stacy: I’d have to go with Battlefield 4. I had so much fun playing Battlefield 3 and I could not WAIT for 4 to come out and when it did there were just so many problems with it. From corrupted single player saves to multiple bugs in multiplayer, it just wasn’t what I thought it would be. I have since gone back to playing it for fun and it has gotten a lot better but it should not have taken 20 updates to make the game finally playable.

Cherry: Yeah after how amazing BF3 was I was also disappointed in 4, Any underrated games you would recommend?

Stacy: Alice: Madness Returns. That game was so good. I loved the dark take on the Alice in Wonderland story and I’d like to see more fairy tales remade like this one was.

Cherry: You should check out Woolfe: The Red Hood diaries then,  What games do you wish would release a sequel?

Stacy: I really wish they would release a sequel to Red Dead Redemption. I absolutely loved that game, the story was so good and the graphics were gorgeous. But I’d like to see it done as a pre sequel where you play as John Marston when he was young in that gang and have it lead up to the Redemption story we already know.

Lil pumpkin 3dg gamer interview

Cherry: Totally agree would love a RDR sequel,  If you were in a Zombie Apocalypse, which three game characters would you want protecting you and why?

Stacy: My Zombie Apocalypse team would be Claptrap for comic relief, Sgt. Frank Woods from CoD Black Ops because he’s a badass, and Trevor Phillips from GTA 5 because he’s insane. Lets see those zombies try to infect us!!

Cherry: Make sure you pick Claptrap up when you encounter stairs then, so when you have played multiplayer have you  ever incited an opponent into pure rage after killing them and received any abuse online?

Stacy: Not really but I’ve received clan invites and friend requests though. I wouldn’t know if any of the past voice or text messages I’ve received have been negative or abusive because I delete them instantly if they’ve been sent by any gamer I don’t know personally.

Cherry: You’re definitely missing out on all the fun not listening, what multiplayer game have you put the most hours into and why did you enjoy playing it?

Stacy: It would probably be either Battlefield 3 or Happy Wars. I met so many awesome people playing both games so the time spent doesn’t seem like it was time wasted.

Cherry: ew Happy Wars :P, What’s your Funniest gaming moment?

Stacy: I’ve had many funny gaming moments but there was this time back in my Battlefield 3 days when I was in a game with my good friend and former supervisor. We were playing on the Wake Island map and were joking about how anyone could legitimately get killed by the slow moving skid loader and no sooner than we mentioned it, a skid loader rounded a corner and mowed us both down! We both were in shock and just laughed as we saw our dead bodies in the killcam with our arms and legs dangling from the bucket!

Cherry: That would have been funny to see, thanks for taking the time to speak to us for this weeks gamerview!

lil pumkin 3dg gamer interview

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