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Will We Ever Return to the Creepy Fictional Town of Silent Hill?

Much like Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise, Silent Hill became a staple of the horror genre after its debut back in 1999. Over the following 17 years, the incredibly creepy fictional town of Silent Hill spawned 7 full-length games, 4 spin-off titles, 1 excellent HD collection and a handful of cancelled projects, including acclaimed developer Hideo Kojima’s ill-fated Silent Hills. The mercurial developer has since moved on from the trials and tribulations of P.T and Silent Hills, not to forget his estranged working relationship with KONAMI, to form Kojima Productions, a studio currently developing its debut title Death Stranding. But whilst Kojima rightfully moved on to pastures new, Silent Hill as a franchise appears to be stagnated, forgotten and seemingly at a complete standstill.

To put that stark contrast in some form of perspective, the last entry in the franchise, Vatra Games developed Silent Hill: Downpour released some 4 and a half years ago for Xbox 360 and PS3, with Silent Hill‘s only appearance on current generation consoles coming in the form of Downpour itself, which became Backwards Compatible recently on Xbox One. KONAMI still owns the intellectual property although the company haven’t developed a main series title since 2004’s The Room, with Climax Studio, Double Helix Games and the now defunct Vatra all taking a swing at the popular series in the 12 years that followed The Room, with KONAMI remaining its publisher.


Silent Hill: Downpour (2012)

With a rather unhealthy balance of development studios seemingly taking it in turns at the helm of one of survival horrors more popular of franchises and the last Vatra declaring bankruptcy mere months after the release of Downpour, the question shouldn’t be, “when will we see another Silent Hill game?”, but more, “will we ever see another Silent Hill game?”, and that’s a sad thing for all fans of the beloved series.

The overwhelmingly positive reception received by players after the introduction of a terrifying playable teaser to the PlayStation Network in 2014 proved that fans of the series and the genre itself wanted another Silent Hill title and were eagerly anticipating the collaboration of Kojima-Reedus-Del Toro for Silent Hills; alas, it wasn’t meant to be and Kojima left KONAMI before development on the game could really get underway, leaving the series up in the air and in deep dire straits.

Surprisingly, Japanese publisher/developer announced a new game at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles but it wasn’t Silent Hill related, with Metal Gear Survive revealed to a mixed reception. With no statement regarding the future of the series from KONAMI to this day, we’re all left wondering whether Silent Hill will ever see the light of day again?

Although KONAMI refuse to deny or confirm a possible future for Silent Hill they haven’t entirely forgotten the series, or at least KONAMI Europe hasn’t.

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