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What’s Next for Destiny?

Where does Destiny stand? It’s the big question on the lips of the fans. The Taken King, the latest expansion released by Bungie, was delivered on the 15th September, and kicked off the second year of Destiny with amazing style, leaving fans with grins wider than the Destiny universe itself. But now here we are, nearly five months later, wondering to ourselves… what next? How did it go so good and now so… stale?

Maybe the successes of The Taken King and Destiny Year 1 were the game’s own downfall, because now we are desperate for something new. And the worst thing about this hunger for content is that it’s familiar taste in our mouths. The House of Wolves was Destiny’s second expansion pack, released back in May, but it left a large void in our Guardian’s souls after its release. The lack of replayability and meaty content left players lacking PVE or story content to play. There was no raid, something many fans, including myself, were extremely disappointed with. The Prison  of Elders, while interesting and certainly fun (for a while), was probably not worth the trade off.

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At this point, many players turned to PVP.  The crucible is a beautiful part of Destiny, it’s fast paced, intense, skilful and a constant challenge. But during the great drought the House of Wolves brought, even this was tainted. So many players came to battle it out that things got… flustered. Anybody playing at the time will tell you the same thing – the Thorn was a joke. Some players noticed that everyone’s favourite Hand Cannon was recently buffed in the a patch and were able to use it to great success in the Iron Banner, but then so did everyone else. Couple that with the over the top shotguns, which were perfectly customisable thanks to HoW, and you have everyone running the same set up for four solid months. It was an awkward time – many veterans ended up taking breaks until the release of The Taken King. I certainly did.

We’re at a stage in the game now where history is already repeating itself. Worst of all, however, is that Bungie knows about the reoccurring House of Wolves problem. The Taken King came with so much substance and thanks to time gated content we were all sated for months, it was only December time that players were beginning the wonder what was next – an amazing accomplishment for a DLC. At this point in the games existence, most players were savvy with news and updates and the big rumour for December was that, at Playstation Experience, we would get the next DLC announcement. The timing seemed right – TTK was completed by the veterans long ago, and by this point most casual players had the King fall numerous times in an epic Raid. All the countless hidden gems were neatly labelled and noted, the Light level cap was in reach, and heck, even the Iron Banner had seen a few cycles by this point.


We didn’t get the announcement, but we did get the Sparrow Racing League – a three week event that admittedly a lot of fans had asked for, but we all knew it was filler. Now, the SPL is behind us, we’re nearly in the middle of February, and we’re no closer to the announcement we so desire. We need meat to survive. Sure, the side dishes are tasty, but it’s nothing compared to the main course. I think that’s what bothers us Guardian’s the most about the lack of content. The last DLC was just so good, so fulfilling, so worth the wait and so enjoyable. It revolutionised the game, and gave Year 2 such hope. But that hope is dwindling now.

So, what’s next, Destiny?

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