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10 Games to Boost Your Xbox One Gamerscore

I may not know everything about every genre of gaming, but if there’s one thing I’m pretty certain on, it’s gamerscore. Having accumulated nearly 350,000 of it. Achievements aren’t for everyone but for me, once I popped I simply couldn’t stop. After working on my 360 gamerscore for a while, when the Xbox One released I made it my mission to get as much Xbox One gamerscore as I can. Why? you may ask, honestly I have no idea but the sound of that achievement popping has always given me a sense of satisfaction even if all I did was press start to achieve it.

Below I’ll look at ten easy games to help boost your Xbox One gamerscore, if you’re into that sort of thing!

walking dead xbox

1. Any Telltale episodic game. The Walking Dead Season one and two, Wolf among us, Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands. Listing each game separately would take up a lot of the list. Achievements range from simply completing the story to choosing different choices, and the best thing about these easy games? They are amazing to play. Not just some pixelated rubbish with achievements popping every five seconds from you jumping over hurdles with Blue Jeans. The games take over 10 hours but are worth every minute. Currently, GoT and Borderlands are incompletable until all episodes are released and are longer than Walking Dead and Wolf Among us.


2 .Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious – An expansion for Forza Horizon 2 to promote the Fast & Furious movie. Achievements pop exactly like the games title and are actually quite a fun game to play. Some may struggle beating the Helicopter or Plane, but as someone who is bad at racing games and I have completed it, you definitely can too. Achievements range from completing races and unlocking cars and you should have it done in a couple hours max.

Monopoly Plus

3. Monopoly Plus and Monopoly Deal. The first can be completed within an hour if you know what you are doing. Monopoly deal is basically Monopoly turned into a card game, if the name didn’t already give that away. It takes under two hours to complete and achievements for both range from placing houses, hotels, charging rent and winning games. Monopoly plus can be beaten locally, so you can play against yourself which is always fun. You will need a boosting buddy/partner in crime for Deal with a minimum of two players (online) needed.


4. Nutjitsu – You are a Ninja Squirrel sneaking around collecting Acorns while trying to avoid Samurai Foxes. Sounds like fun and it’s easy too with completion just under three hours if you are efficient, can be less. Achievements range from losing Foxes certain ways to collecting Acorns. The achievements also pop in hundreds so it can be very satisfying to play. Nothing like a 100g achievement.

lococycle xbox

5. Lococyle – Starts out a lot of fun, you control I.R.I.S a motorcycle that has just graduated from combat school, yes you read that right. Being dragged behind her, is Pablo a mechanic. You spend the game fighting enemies as a talking female motorcycle, flipping Pablo around like a ragdoll. With just over five hours for full completion and achievements ranging from getting a high combo, completing levels and unlocking bonus content.

sixty second shooterxbox

6. Sixty Second Shooter Prime – A simple game that can have some frustrating mechanics/achievements but nothing overly taxing that won’t take more than few tries. Your goal is simple, fly around dodging a billion enemies while shooting everything in sight and getting to checkpoints. Completion takes a few hours depending on your skill with it and it’s cheap too! What more could you ask for? I haven’t listed any terrible games yet..hoorah!

#idarb xbox one

7 – #IDARBTwitter/Twitch and Kinect required for full completion and one online achievement which will require you to stun an opponent 100 times. This can be done by getting a friend to stand in a corner and jumping on their head pressing A or for an easier method taking a second controller into an online match and stunning your poor team mate.  Achievements range from someone typing in #achievement while watching your live stream, scanning in logos and creating teams. Easy and fun. You can have your full 1000g in around an hour.

Never alone xbox

8 – Never alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) – A beautiful little arcade game that sits just over the five hour completion mark with a guide needed for collectibles if you really want to be efficient. Achievements range from your basic story achievements to finding all the collectibles and can be done in co-op.

unmechanical xbox one

9 – Unmechanical Extended Edition – A cute little game that sees you get sucked down into a mechanical world, solving puzzles to escape. There are however some missable achievements , Finishing the game without using hints (Pressing Y) with no chapter select but the game is so short you can go back quite quickly to the spots you need. You can always use one of the many guides to make sure you don’t miss anything and to help with puzzles. Looking at the robots cute face for a few hours isn’t the worst way to pass the time with his little eyes flickering when you hit a wall. A three to five hour completion with achievements ranging from throwing coal in a furnace, reloading the game at the end to acquire different endings and rotating.

stick it to the man

10. Stick it to the man – A quick five hour puzzle-platformer that when following a guide can be completed quickly. You play Ray, a man who awakens in a dream world and uses his brain to manipulate the world and read minds. Achievements range from reading the minds of different enemies, sneaking through areas without alerting anyone and reading the minds of everyone in the game.

There are many more games on the Xbox One to boost your gamerscore should you want more. Slender the Arrival, Valiant Hearts, Fibbage, Another World, D4 Dark Dreams Don’t Die and more! Good luck on your achievement hunt!

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