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E3 2016

E3 2016 Breakdown – Bethesda Knock It Out Of The Park

Bethesda came out and “officially” kicked off E3 this year with another fantastic conference. And what a way to start, with the announcement of Quake Champions. No one was expecting that, and this is why I love E3!

We got a ton of info about all the games in development right now, and few nods to the future such as the reveal of Prey. Bethesda has become a real powerhouse studio. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series have elevated this company to massive heights, and their success has been well earned. The future is bright for Bethesda, especially from looking at Dishonoured 2, that game looks extraordinary.

We learned that VR would be working on two of their biggest titles – Fallout 4 and Doom. I can’t say I’m too interested in a Doom or any first person shooter VR game at the moment, simply because I want a gun based controller to wield while I play. Who doesn’t want that? However, Fallout 4 being VR is very interesting! RPGs are great choices for VR because it draws players even closer to the fantasy worlds they love and want to be a part of, so that being said, I’m definitely starting to feel the buzz of the VR revolution.

fallout 41

Speaking of fantasy games, there are many like me who have been hoping for that oh so elusive Elder Scrolls VI announcement. At least let us know where it’s being set! My money is on Hammerfell and High Rock – that’s right, Both! Sadly, we didn’t get that announcement, but Bethesda did later confirm after the show that they are working on the Elder Scrolls VI game, but it’s a long way off. We were told that perhaps the technology for the game isn’t quite here yet, and with two other major projects in the works, well, it’s just not possible right now. I’m going to take a guesstimate of a late 2018 release date for now but that’s pure guesswork.

I look forward to hearing more about the upcoming projects from Bethesda, and it’s good to see continued love and support for existing titles. The Fallout 4 DLC looks great, The Elder Scrolls Online is getting stronger and stronger, and they’re evening testing new waters with The Elder Scrolls Legends card game. Two years running now, they’ve knocked their conferences out of the park. EA and Ubisoft have mistreated us for a long time, and so having a solid, down to earth, kick ass conference from a work-hard developer was incredible. Bethesda definitely won the developer conference for a second year running!

Games of note:

Quake Champions


Release date: Unknown, expected 2017

Potential: 9.5/10

Additional notes: Perhaps one the biggest surprises of E3, and what a way to kick off the conference, the announcement of Quake Champions. I’m not a big Quake gamer but I know how much love Quake 3 got, and still has, so this is definitely a prudent and brilliant move from Bethesda. They have a lot of first-person game experience, so the series is definitely in safe hands. It sounds like this will be a pure multiplayer arena shooter, something many eSports fans have been shouting for, and I have a good hunch this will be the arena shooter for a long time. There aren’t many gameplay details yet, but we do know the game will have uncapped frame rates, and more info is set to come at QuakeCon in August.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition


Release date: 28th October 2016

Potential: 8.5/10

Additional notes: Skyrim was one of the biggest games of the last generation, arguably the biggest RPG, and one of those games that just eats away at your time, and I just know I’m going to lose a whole lot more with this release. I honestly expected this announcement to arrive at some point, and there were rumours flying around before E3 even started. With all of this, I did expect an Elder Scrolls VI teaser, as I said before, but c’est la vie. The addition of mods on consoles is the real reason to be excited for this release. The graphics look amazing from the trailer, but Skyrim’s modding community is one of the biggest, and any PC gamer will tell you just how amazing they are. I can’t wait to have Thomas the Tank Engine dragons raining down on me again!


Release date: 2017

Potential: 9/10

Additional notes: Prey is a new take on an old game, and it is in development by Arkane Studios, the team behind Dishonored. The trailer showed a guy called Morgan waking up, and reliving the same day over several times, with his right eye becoming more and more bloodshot with each reliving. Morgan has been subjected to a dubious new experimentation taking place in the year 2032, and now he must uncover secrets, and face off against an alien force that is threatening to take over. It looks like a psychological horror set in first-person, and looks to be a very interesting game with very appealing elements. The trailer was fantastic. I highly recommend you watch it in the video above. Keep a close eye on this one; we may have another Dishonored level game on our hands.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood

elder scrolls

Release date: 14th June 2016 for consoles

Potential: 8/10

Additional notes: The Elder Scrolls Online has grown so much over the last year. The fan base is growing massively, and of course as an MMO set in such a well-loved universe, it’s only going to continue to grow. There wasn’t a whole lot of information about the Dark Brotherhood expansion itself, though the trailer did look amazing. The addition of the One Tamriel initiative has been necessary for a while, though understandably it isn’t an easy thing to do. With The Elder Scrolls always being a “here you go, go explore” style of game, it makes perfect sense for the developers to remove level restrictions, and allow players to play their game how they want, with the world levelling accordingly. The MMO needed an update like this and it now puts The Elder Scrolls Online in a unique position. I’m very interested in seeing how this game will grow in the future.

Dishonored 2


Release date: 11th November 2016

Potential: 10/10

Additional notes: Dishonoured became a AAA title with relative ease. It was a huge game with fantastic style, and I don’t think anyone was in doubt that there would be a sequel. Bethesda put a lot of the conference’s time into this game, much like they did last year with Fallout 4. Dishonored 2 is Bethesda’s marquee game for 2016, and it looks incredibly polished. There was a lot of talk of “the little things” to improve the game, which just shows how much Arkane Studios have put into making this another hit. The gameplay looks unbelievable, the graphics are phenomenal and the story sounds very interesting. The character’s abilities are unique and fit perfectly with the world. The stealth elements have been improved too, with more upwards mobility, and the ability to traverse these worlds and quests in any way that you want to is the icing on the cake. This could be the biggest game of the year!

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