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At, we fully support all forms of gaming, both console and PC, specifically Indie Games. We are not all about the “mainstream” and love to support Indie Developers. From Twinstick Shooters to Survival Horror, we love all games, no matter what shape or size.

If you are a Developer and would like your game to gain some extra exposure, we can help. Whether you are after an article on site, an interview with us or for us to take a look at your game and either preview it or review it, the form below is the way to reach us.

If you are running a Kickstarter Campaign or Steam Greenlight Campaign, we can help raise awareness to your project/game.

All we need in return are a few specific things. As a website we are very busy and in order for us to take you seriously you will need to have one of the following;

  • Trailer ( You must have at least one trailer for your game)
  • Screenshots/Concept Art
  • Playable material, whether it’s a direct code or a link to a download for a demo, etc. We’d like to see firsthand for ourselves what the game has to offer.





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