Backache And Neck Pain, And How a Naprapat Can Help Out With That

Perhaps, there is no such person who has never suffered from headache or neck pain. What we usually do in such cases is that we take pills and keep on working or doing our daily stuff, but like that, we do not treat the problem. We just suppress it for a while until it shows up again later. 

Instead, a proper medical examination and treatment are needed since such pains are often the signals of certain problems with our well being. Naprapathy is one of those methods that can successfully free us from pain in muscles and joints. But before we proceed to the more detailed overview of this method, let us first define the major issues it can help with, and why they appear.

Why Do Backache And Neck Pain Appear?

These two types of pain are the most common today making people miss their work and see the doctor. Both can cause quite a lot of unpleasant feelings and even become a source of a problem if not treated in time and respectively. However, the causes of each are distinct.

1. Backache usually varies from a muscle ache to a shooting feeling in your body. In worst cases, it can even radiate down the legs or become more severe when you bend, move, or lift things. It can appear because of several reasons:

  • Muscle/ligament strain

If you tend to lift heavy stuff often or you do a sudden and awkward move, it may lead to straining back muscles and spinal ligaments, especially if your back is not well trained. Respectively, repeated strains will sooner or later end up with painful spasms.

  • Bulging/ruptured spinal disks

The spinal disks are located between the bones of our spine and serve as protective cushions to prevent the vertebrae (the bones) from damaging against one another when we move.

Pain can appear when the soft substance inside the disk bulges or ruptures, and press on a nerve.

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis 

If the spine bones become porous and brittle, the vertebrae can cause painful fractures. 

Of course, we tend to think that such health problems appear because of aging, however, it’s not only elderly people who suffer from spine pain! So except for the age, there are several other reasons why our backbone can ache:

  • We have few exercises which result in weak and unused muscles that are more predisposed to aches.
  • Improper lifting is another reason. If we use our back instead of our legs when lifting heavy stuff, we risk ending up with much pain in our back.
  • Excess body weight is extra stress for our spine which can also end up in pain.
  • Diseases, such as arthritis or cancer, often have pain as one of the symptoms.
  • The psychological condition of a person also matters a lot. Those who are prone to anxiety and/or depression will more likely have back pain.

As a preventive measure, try to add more physical exercises to your daily routine, especially those that train the back muscles. Also, be careful when lifting weights and try to avoid being stressed too often if you know you are predisposed to such emotional reactions and consider your diet. All this can contribute to your backbone wellbeing significantly.

2. Neck pain is another bothersome issue people face frequently. It often leads to headaches which makes it quite a distress for those who can’t take a break and rest once the symptoms appear.

Various factors exist that cause this kind of pain, and it is good to know the major of them:

  • Sleeping in an awkward position, for instance, may result in neck aches, but proper massage usually easily deals with such a problem.
  • The wrong posture is another most harmless cause. So if you tend to lean over the computer too much, consider that and try to sit straight.
  • Another reason is muscle strains. When we overuse our neck muscles, e.g. working too long being bent over the desk, it may result in a painful neck. 
  • Worn joints is another reason that usually develops with age.
  • Nerve compression can also end up in neck pain. 
  • Various injuries especially those received in car accidents, often result in serious neck traumas that cause pain, too.
  • Take note that certain diseases (for instance, cancer, meningitis, etc.) can be followed by neck pain as one of the symptoms.

To prevent any issues with your neck, avoid carrying heavy bags on your shoulders, make sure you sit straight at the desk, mind your posture, and sleep in a good position, and on a good pillow!

How a Naprapat Can Help Out With Pain 

So what can a naprapath do to ease the neck or back pain? Since naprapathy is a manual treatment system that deals with neuromusculoskeletal system issues, such a doctor https://www.naprapatdavid.se/ can help out with your headache, back or neck ache by examining, diagnosing, and treating/rehabilitating the function of the tissues, joints, or muscles.

The naprapathy concept lies in considering the interactions within the neuromusculoskeletal system. The method takes into account the structures that cause pain. But the environment, both psychological and physical, in which a patient works/lives also matters. Only by being aware of each factor, the naprapat can properly diagnose and treat the person.  

The naprapathy system comes from the USA and is especially popular in Scandinavia, in Sweden in particular, where it is a part of the official medicine. It’s easy to find a good naprapat in Värnamo, for instance! Spine treatment in Värnamo may include manual therapy e.g. massage, joint manipulation, or stretching of painful muscles to deal with headaches, neck strains, backshots, etc. 

So as you can see, keeping your back and neck healthy can easily be done by using such a manual therapy method as naprapathy. It’s safe and effective that’s proven by millions of patients all over the world who went through it and now live without pain at all.