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Submerged Landscapes

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Submerged All Landmarks Sightseer Achievement/Trophy Guide

Set in a beautifully flooded City, Submerged has a lot to offer in the way of breathtaking sights. In particular there are eight specific Landmarks to be visited within the City. Visiting all eight locations will net you the Sightseer Achievement/Trophy worth 100GS . Here is a map which shows the outline of the landmarks and the full pictures are below. The map also shows all secrets and boat upgrades. 

submerged secrets map

Below is a detailed description for each individual Landmark Location and at the bottom of the page, a video showing how to get each cutscene.

1. The Princess And The Golem.

Submerged Landscapes

The Princess And The Golem Landmark is a three sided Billboard that is situated deep inside the City. The Billboard is located just SE of where Miku’s Brother is and is indicated on the map by a triangle like shape.

2. The Silver Pass.

Submerged Landscapes

The Silver Pass is a large Bridge, located in the furthest point in the NW corner of the Map. In order to experience the Landmark, Miku will need to drive her boat through the entrance of the Bridge and continue driving until the cutscene plays.

3. The Birds Nest.

Submerged Landscapes

The Bird’s Eye is a Construction Crane located in the NE part of the City, the giant structure can be seen throughout most of the City. To experience the Landmark, Miku must scale the frame via the ladder, with a reach of the summit unlocking both the Landmark and ‘Free Climber’ Achievement/ Trophy. 

From the top of the Crane, Miku is able to spot with the use of her telescope a lot of objectives including Secrets, Boat Upgrades and Care Packages.

4. The Basket Wheel.

Submerged Landscapes

The Basket Wheel is a large, half submerged Ferris Wheel and is located at the very bottom of the southern part of the map. Hard to miss, the Wheel is a alarming reminder of the damage caused by the extreme flooding of the City.

5. The Obdurate Creature.

Submerged Landscapes

The Obdurate Creature is a Stallion Statue, located directly north of the The Princess And The Golem Landmark. The Statue can be a little easy to miss because it might not appear abundantly obvious when passing, a quick drive past the Statue will begin the cutscene.

6. The Net To The Sky.

Submerged Landscapes

The Net To The Sky is an Eiffel Tower like structure, which can be located very close to the SW border of the Map. The large structure should be visible from the outskirts of the Map.

7. The Watchful Lady.

Submerged Landscapes

The Watchful Lady is a large female statue which can be found in the SE corner of the Map, again the statue can be seen while driving the boat around the outskirts of the Map.

8. The Titan’s Spear

Submerged Landscapes

The Titan’s Spear is a tall structure that is pretty hard to miss, located in the SW corner of the Map.

submerged landmarks

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