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Wolfenstein The Old Blood Review


Wolfenstein The Old Blood Review

Infiltrating Castle Wolfenstein a feeling of dread comes over me. Nazi’s are everywhere and my German accent is well, very poor. The castle towering in the distance, I’m given my orders. My goal is to find a folder containing information to Deathshead’s compound, the very compound you attack at the beginning of New Order and from my experience with the twisted, psychotic Nazi’s in the previous game and their menacing Robotic dogs, I know my mission will not be an easy one.

With Wolfenstein The New Order being released just under a year ago, The Old Blood tells the story of  William Joseph B.J. Blazkowicz before the events of New Order. Even though you can still fully enjoy the game without prior knowledge of this, the ending would be better appreciated having played at least the very beginning of it. Published  by Bethesda and developed by MachineGames, you are taken on a zombie/nazi killing rampage in your attempt to secure the folder from an evil Nazi, Helga von schabbs.

Evil becomes more evil 

The Old Blood takes a slightly different turn than its predecessor with you having to stop Helga unleashing a dark and supernatural power onto the world, because they haven’t done enough already. B.J takes extreme pleasure in this, when told not to kill Nazi’s in the game he feigns hearing and states “what’s that, you want me to kill all the Nazi’s” and kill all the Nazi’s he does but I guess that’s up to you, the player with a few ways to approach each level.

Sneaking around and using your silenced pistols, throwing knives or creeping up behind enemies and viciously impaling their skulls with a lead pipe is an option or going in all guns blazing using the many, many guns at your disposal from a heavy machine gun with 250 rounds of sheer destruction, shotguns, assault rifles and a grenade launcher and for double the fun and Nazi-killing carnage like New Order, the killing machine that is B.J can dual-wield most of the armoury he somehow carries around wearing nothing but his birthday suit from the top up.

The versatile pipe – found in most DIY stores

One of your most diverse weapons is a pipe which B.J acquired from Castle Wolfenstein, with the ability to prop open doors, puncture skulls, climb walls, open vents and locked doors, I’m sure the Nazi’s would have been more careful if they’d realised he would make such amazing creative use of a pipe on their walls.

As the story unfolds, the Nazis become even more terrifying and start rising from the dead. As if their lack of regard for human life and experimenting on unfortunate victims wasn’t scary enough. In every level there is also a throwback to Wolfenstein 3D. Upon finding a bed and sleeping, you awake in a nightmare you need to escape from. As the pixelated enemies appear in front of you, you make your through the maze that is Wolfenstein Castle to find a key to open the locked door to the next floor. This is a nice distraction from all the non-pixelated killing and a nice touch for the game.

Once you have completed the eight chapters the story contains, completing each level unlocks challenge maps with achievements for getting gold on each one with gold only achievable by playing on Uber or I am death incarnate difficulty mode, so playing on Daddy,can I play is out of the question for high scores. What was quite amusing was the fact they kept blowing themselves up with grenades, I was getting score for explosive kills from a mis-aimed throw that bounced back and took out a couple of nazi’s and that happened on a few occasions.

Overall Wolfenstein The Old Blood brings back all the familiar features of the first game, taking out commanders before they set off alarms, dealing with enemies whose minds are twisted beyond any comprehension and journeying through castles and caverns, on a kill everything in sight romp through history.

Telling the stories about the Nazi’s has always been an interesting and bleak. They make easy enemies due to their brutal history and we’ve been killing them in video games for a while with little to no remorse or even mild enjoyment. If killing Nazi’s is your thing, The Old Blood is definitely for you although the story could have been better if it had included some deeper relationships and stories, seen in the first game instead of kill all these enemies in different surroundings especially when dealing with enemies from an event in history so tragic, pointless and heartbreaking. Definitely worth a play for fun alone.

Wolfenstein The Old Blood

Wolfenstein The Old Blood

Overall Game Rating



  • Pure Nazi-killing carnage with a multitude of weapons
  • New challenge mode to rack up score


  • Needed a deeper story, less go here kill Nazi’s
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