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Unmechanical: Extended Edition Review

Unmechanical: Extended Edition Review

Developed by Talawa Games and Published by Teotl Studios, Unmechanical: Extended Edition is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle adventure where you control a mysterious, straight-faced cute little robot desperately trying to escape after being sucked down a tube into what appears to be the insides of a monster. Originally released in 2012 for Windows, it was improved and released with new levels for consoles in January.

The world that surrounds you is dark and eerie. Deep caves that lead to a huge beating heart. The walls pulsate around you as you solve puzzles to advance further. Mechanical bugs roam around and tubes with robots going through are clear in the distance.  The music goes well with your dark surroundings, but none of it makes sense.

The game is haunting, has charm and puzzles just difficult enough not to overly frustrate you but there are so many unanswered questions. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I? What in the world is going on here? As the game progresses it’s clear you may never know the answers to these vital questions.

All you know is that you’re stuck, trapped in an underground labyrinth where you collect orbs of light and place them in mechanical claws around a huge beating heart. You’re a robot, with little arms and a tiny propeller on your head that allows you to fly up and down and lift objects. Two white circle eyes go with a mechanical straight smile which if anything is cute to look at. You seem pretty indestructible as your eyes flicker when hitting walls and holding a bomb until it explodes doesn’t damage you at all.

Version Tested: Xbox One

A strange robot seems to be following you, poking its head out of pipes and blocking your path as you progress. Although not explained, you know this isn’t a place you want to find yourself in, the beginning of the game had you flying around with multiple other robots, outside your stuck smile not moving, but glowing happy eyes. It’s dark and creepy with machines everywhere.

It’s fun and rewarding to work the puzzles out and get a little bit further, still unsure as to where you are but still completely and utterly fascinated with your strange surroundings. The puzzles get a little trickier later on as you would expect but all in all depending on how good your brain works, the game is short but sweet at around four to five hours. I would love to say as you near the end everything starts to make sense but sadly it doesn’t but this doesn’t stop this game from being really fun and worth your time.

The additional levels add some more “story” with two little robots happily placing lights on a tree on the surface, when the ground opens up and a claw grabs one pulling it down into the depths. Distressed the other robot flies manically round where the first was snatched only for the claw to return a second time and seize the helpless robot in its clutches dragging it underground to join its friend.

More light puzzles where you use magnets and switches and cute little scenes where you mimic the other robots actions in your attempt to escape. For some reason, these claws want you down here and you want nothing more than to reach the surface.


Overall this game was immensely fun. Your surroundings were intense and the music went so well with the overall feel of the game. Puzzles were light, fun and rewarding and a joy to complete. I loved not knowing where I would end up next and look in amazement at some of the places I found myself in although I do wish I knew more about my little robot friend as a whole and I wish more was explained throughout my journey. Definitely worth a look for fans of the genre and for everyone overall as you won’t find yourself racking your brains for hours of frustration.





  • Amazing surroundings and haunting music with fun puzzles


  • Needed more explanation as to what was happening
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