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The Evil Within: The Executioner DLC Review


The Evil Within: The Executioner DLC Review

The third and final instalment of The Evil Within downloadable content comes in the form of The Executioner. A tale of a father who enters STEM to rescue his daughter who is trapped within it. The STEM project is the brainchild of Ruvik, The Evil Within’s main antagonist and is a system that allows multiple minds to be compressed together into one. Once connected the subject can then experience the memories of the person they are connected to.

In order to save his daughter the man, who remains nameless throughout, must enter the STEM project and take the form of one of the games greatest monsters, the Keeper. For the first time in the games history you become the monster. You will get to walk in the formidable monsters footsteps and wield his monstrous weapon of destruction.

The story begins with you awakening inside a small wooden shack, as you gain control of the Keeper you can just about make out the shadowy shape of his enormous frame and safe like head. Players hold in their possession the Keepers primary and secondary weapons. His main weapon is a large meat tenderizer with spikes on the end for maximum damage effect, any players of the game will know first hand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a sudden blow from the giant weapon and how much carnage it can cause to the human body. His secondary weapon comes in the form of a Barb Wire Mine which when thrown instantly traps any enemies unfortunate enough to step onto it. These come in very handy when it comes to trapping enemies and then executing them.

His daughter is being held within the STEM project by one of the games monsters and to free her the father must defeat every enemy he comes across on his journey, ruling them out on by one until he finds the correct enemy. The layout of the story is similar to that of a Gauntlet run in which the father must face off against some of the main games evillest monsters or ‘haunted’ while searching for his daughter. The story takes place inside the Victoriano Mansion which is a set from The Evil Within’s main story.

Upon entering the mansion the father must piece together the puzzles of the game to help unlock certain doors, Mobious Directives are notes from research on the STEM project which can be found throughout the story and these notes can help the father to figure out which enemy is keeping his daughter hostage. While fighting off the numerous enemies, these unlocked doors will lead to main bosses which will see you come up against the likes of Zehn, an extremely tall, powerful enemy who can drop you with one giant swing of his club, Sadists, which wield giant chainsaws at you in an attempt to stop your quest and Almagan Alpha, a giant monster that lurks inside the parking lot.

The setting for The Executioner is straight out of the some of the main games best pieces of scenery with the darkened and sometimes dim lit rooms, the horrific vintage, grainy grind-house feel that players and fans of the game have come to love. It makes for a very good Survival Horror setting and certainly helps to set the mood.

There are ways to increase the Keepers powers and this can be done through the use of the safes found in the many save rooms throughout the story. With coins collected off the slain enemies the Keeper can upgrade everything from the power of his already deadly weapon, overall health and even his movement and speed which can come in very handy when trying to avoid some of the games bigger enemies. Other items can be purchased including molotov cocktails, dynamite and a chainsaw, each of which can be upgraded.

During combat with the many enemies of the game, players will learn how to execute downed foes, once hit with enough force enemies will stagger around and have an icon appear above their heads, at this moment the Keeper has the ability to finish them off in an array of different executions including stomping on top of their heads, squishing them like a ripe watermelon. It can be quite graphic at times but then that’s a good thing, right?

Another key part of becoming the monster is the ability to access memories randomly by holding down the left trigger you can almost travel back in time to see things that aren’t actually there, allowing the father to gain new evidence and further the stories progression. Another ability the Keeper has is teleportation, at certain points throughout the game players will come across areas that seem like a dead end but with the teleportation ability the Keeper can travel through these areas to a different area by an almost suicide like effect, forcing him to take shape elsewhere. 

Throughout the short story you can find rooms marked with a glowing red symbol, these rooms make for a good area to generate some much needed money to help the fathers cause. Upon entering said rooms you can square off against some smaller yet still deadly foes and build up some coins to assist you in upgrading equipment and other needs. It is perhaps a good idea to use these rooms as often as possible to make the Keeper a major force to be reckoned with, as if he wasn’t already.

evil within executioner

Overall, The final downloadable content is a great addition to the Evil Within and gives players the chance to finally step inside the shoes of one of the games greatest foes and all the sheer brutality that comes with it. This change of direction gives new light to the story and a whole different dynamic to the game. The Executioner brings an all together different feel to the Evil Within and the extra content allows you to do certain things you couldn’t do before. It’s not an overly long story but it certainly packs a punch and gives players value for money.

The Evil Within The Executioner DLC

The Evil Within The Executioner DLC

Overall Extra Content Rating



  • Players finally get to become a Keeper
  • The best part of being the monster is the great weapons
  • Adds an extra dynamic to the game


  • Story may be a little on the short side
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