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evil within review


The Evil Within Review

The Evil Within begins with an emergency call from Beacon Mental Hospital in picked up by down and out Detective Sebastian Castellanos along with his partner Joseph and rookie Detective Kidman. They enter inside the building to be met by a massacre of bodies and no-one to stand accounted for them. Before long they are dragged into a world which is controlled by a dark and malevolent force which refuses to let them leave.

The story begins when Sebastian comes to after being rendered unconscious while inside the Hospital after witnessing officers being slaughtered by a mysterious man in a white hooded robe, he is now separated from his colleagues as he wanders the now transformed Hospital desperately trying to find the culprit and unravel the mystery of the Hospital. He soon encounters a doctor who works at the Hospital and is searching for a patient Leslie, the two set out to track him down before eventually encountering the man in white where upon we learn his name to be Ruvik. As the story progresses you learn that you are essentially alone and left to fend for yourself, to find the weapons to aid you in fending off the numerous enemies within the surroundings.

The Evil Within: Xbox One [Reviewed], PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Developer: Tango Gameworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks 
Release Date: 14 October 2014
Price: £49:99

The game is broken down into chapters and there are rooms throughout each chapter in which you can spend points you have gained from defeating enemies to upgrade abilities and make your weapons stronger as well as upgrade the amount of ammunition you can carry. You cannot however use these areas to buy ammunition, leaving you having to find it throughout the game and it is very limited. You can also find statues throughout the game that contain Keys which you can use at the upgrade stations and these Keys open Lockers within that area that can assist you. Items such as Health Packs and Ammunition as well as Matches which can be used to burn the corpses that you come across or have killed.

You can also use these rooms to save your progress and learn new things about your location and you will know when you’ve found such a room when a mirror cracks and a light shines through while disturbing music can be heard.

It’s hard to pick any holes while playing The Evil Within but if I had to bring up one point it would be the use of Borders around the screen or ‘Widescreen’ it can disrupt your view at times which can be a little annoying but it also gives you that feel that you are actually inside a Horror film which is pretty cool…right? Overall the game is a beautiful combination of Grindhouse and Hammer Horror with a seriously eerie macabre tone. The way the game handles is pretty flawless and the enemies are enough to leave you never wanting to turn the bedroom light off again. But it also has an addictive side which will keep pulling you back into the mouth of madness.

The Evil Within is a must for all fans of Survival Horror and a very good first attempt at the genre by Bethesda. In my opinion this is the best Survival Horror game since 2005’s Resident Evil 4. You can play the game however you like whether you want to sneak around in ‘stealth mode’ or go in all guns blazing. The choice is yours, The Evil Within is a beautifully odd game that will leave you wondering whether you are investigating a Mental Hospital or actually a Patient within one.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within

Overall Game Rating



    • The game is just what the Survival Horror genre needed after a string of failed attempts.
    • Timed online challenge mode and Leaderboards, to compete against friends
    • The variety of different enemies


    • The Black Borders surrounding the screen may annoy some people.
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