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The Escapists: The Walking Dead Review

The Escapists: The Walking Dead is a take on the original The Escapists, but with The Walking Dead as the theme of the game. Using the same concepts of the original, you’ll explore 5 areas of The Walking Dead comic universe. As you explore these areas, you’ll take on different tasks before escaping each of them.

Originally a game developed by Mouldy Toof Studios’, their publisher Team 17, the people behind Worms and of recent quite a few Indie games, has teamed up with Skybound the publishers of The Walking Dead comics to create this strategy game for The Walking dead. The game is out on Steam, and Xbox One as of September 30th.

The Escapists The Walking Dead (2)

Someone brought a tank…

The Escapists: The Walking Dead : Xbox One [Reviewed] , PC
Developer: Skybound Entertainment
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Release Date: 30 September 2015
Price: $19.99 [Disclosure copy provided by Developer/Publisher]

Starting the game will throw you into the story which is a tutorial for how the comic books begin. Rick will wake up in the hospital after an injury on the job as an officer and have to proceed through the obstacles that are ahead of him in the now zombified world, that he as of the moment has no idea of, in the outside world. You’ll learn new tactics, searching objects, combining materials to make new items, weapons you can use and how to progress through the landscape to escape and survive the levels.

The Escapists The Walking Dead (3)

A great way of waking up.

After learning all of the necessary tools to survive the new world, you’ll then progress to new stages starting with the Green Family Farm. You’ll have to complete tasks to save your fellow survivors as well as take out zombies and escape the area to survive. As with the previous game, you’ll have to attend a scheduled amount of meals, jobs and headcounts throughout, the difference in this game is that not attending these meetings can cause a lot of trouble with zombies. The more meetings that you ignore and forget to attend the zombie awareness will increase by around 10%, this will cause zombies to enter your safe zones and cause the other survivors to struggle to survive. This may cause the survivor to be downed which will give the player about 30 seconds to help them before they turn into a zombie themselves. Sometimes this will cause the mission to end due to their survival being a key portion to mission success.

The Escapists The Walking Dead (4)

Can’t always have some alone time.

The game plays differently in terms of how it did in the original, where everyone that is not a survivor is your enemy and the moment they spot you they’ll attack you. Along with having to be on guard for every enemy, the human enemies will have guns ranging from pistols to rifles causing you to have to be even more on guard as if you get within range they can take you down with just a couple of hits. There is a bonus part however with the game, in that if you do die in the game you’ll keep all of your equipment and respawn on the next morning. Depending on the map however this can cause the zombie swarm to increase as well as you’ll be missing possible meetings.

Along with the old crafting materials and items that you can create, there are now new items as well. Ranging from simple weapons mods to zombie garbs that allow you to bypass the enemy zombies. With the weapon mods, it also gives you the ability to mod the guns that have been added into the game to give them more ammo then previously. However, like with the rest of the game you’ll need to strategize how you use them as each gun has an ammo capacity, so using them too soon will be a waste of ammunition.

The Escapists The Walking Dead

Nothing may be the same, but friends are (hopefully) forever.

Overall, this new version of The Escapists stays true to what made the first game great as well as the story and atmosphere of what makes The Walking Dead universe great as well. Fans of The Escapists or The Walking Dead should have no trouble getting their hours of enjoyment out of the game.

The Escapists: The Walking Dead

The Escapists: The Walking Dead

Overall Game Rating



  • Great for Walking Dead fans
  • Nice improvements over last game
  • Helpful Vendor shops
  • Random Crafting notes


  • Only 5 missions
  • Crafting still mostly sucks
  • Can use items by accident when pressing X

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