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Spy Chameleon Review

spy chameleon


Spy Chameleon Review

Developed and published by the Indie company Unfinished Pixel comes a very addictive, fast paced, stealthy and challenging top down arcade puzzle game In the form of Spy Chameleon.

In the game you play as an adorable chameleon. You start off with a basic tutorial which shows you what you need to do. This involves avoiding various enemies whilst collecting flies and ladybugs, this becomes more challenging as levels progress as more enemies and collectibles are added.

The Chameleon has a special ability which allows him to change colours, in total he can change into four different colours. The colours correspond to the buttons on the controller (Y is yellow, X is blue, A is green and B is red) making it very fast and easy to change colour. Using this ability is essential to gameplay as you need it to blend into the various rugs, floor tiles and paint cans in the environment in order to avoid detection.

spy chameleon

Enemies start off very basic as just normal stationary robots, the only way to be detected by these is if you walk into them. The enemies become increasingly harder and stationary robots that have a line of sight and robots with fast mobility are added. The game also adds in security cameras which are on the walls of the rooms. These are able to detect you anywhere unless you blend into the environment with the chameleons special ability. Other enemies In later levels include gold fish in bowls which also have a line of sight.

To avoid these simply knock the bowls and they will turn around. In the lab levels another enemy is added in the form of lab mice/rats which walk up and down. The last enemies which can be found in the last few levels are giant flies that go up and down and left and right. These again have a line of sight, but can be eaten when close enough and avoiding it. The later levels also allow you to hide under boxes and push filing cabinets to avoid detection, adding more variety of stealth.

spy chameleon

Spy chameleon has a total of five main missions, which are split into 15 levels per mission. This adds up to 75 level overall. The levels become increasingly harder as you make progress. Each level has three challenges for the player to complete. These include collecting all the flies, finishing the level in a certain amount of time and collecting all the ladybugs.

However collecting all the ladybugs is not possible, on your first play of a level which, means each level needs at least two plays in order to complete all the challenges available. The challenges are the same for every level throughout the game. Spy chameleon allows you to keep track of your friends times on each level. This is a nice feature for competitive players who like to try and get the best scores.

spy chameleon review

Spy Chameleon has two difficulties normal and hard, which adds more replay value. It also makes it very accessible to any type of gamer. Casual players would have hours of fun and enjoyment from playing this on normal. The hard mode is more for gamers who seek more of a challenge. It is more challenging as all the enemies move at a far quicker pace than on normal. Therefore the player will need to think more strategically.

Overall spy chameleon is a excellent puzzle game, It would be a great edition to anyone’s collection. It is easy enough for anyone to get into and on the harder difficulties adds a great amount of challenge. It really requires a lot of thought and careful planning. It has a lot of replay value due to the amount of levels and the two difficulty settings and is a must have at the price.

Spy Chameleon

Spy Chameleon

Overall Game Rating



  • It's very simple to play for any type of gamer
  • The frame rate is excellent and the environments are all unique
  • The price


  • The challenges are very repetitive (would have been nice to have more variety)
  • Replaying levels to complete all the challenges
  • Harder difficulties might be frustrating for some gamers
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