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Slice Zombies for Kinect Review


Slice Zombies for Kinect Review

Arms poised ready to slice, my first victim shoots up on the screen. Normally zombies scare the life out of me and I approach them with the kind of caution usually reserved for the worst kind of horror film but as this little guy flies onto my screen I swiftly move my arm through the air and slice his head clean off, then watch it comically fall down in front of me.

Slice Zombies for Kinect is a Zombie slicing game, developed and published by a small indie company from Germany, Made. Having just released their first game on the Xbox One, you can tell how passionate they are about it and it certainly is a lot of fun.

The game starts off quite easy enough, Zombies mixed with some random bombs begin popping up in front of me. You lose a life if you miss a zombie or are unfortunate enough to hit a bomb, with the game giving you three lives before game over with an extra life available from the shop once you have sliced enough coins.

That combination of detached limbs, bombs and coins

The game can get pretty hectic at times, to earn coins you have to slice them and they fly on the screen with the zombies and the bombs. It’s up to you whether to take the risk and try to get as many coins as you can while avoiding bombs and slicing those pesky zombies. Each time you either win or lose the game you’ll earn XP which levels you up and unlocks new zombies that make life more difficult for you.

Zombies that teleport, big zombies that require a few hits to take down and explode (and look suspiciously like Luigi and Mario), cute bunny zombies with big ears, Scientist zombies and zombies that fly left to right across the screen all get added to the already hectic mix as you progress. There are also hands that crawl across the screen starting with just a basic one, but others that provide you with an extra life, a bomb or a hand that bursts into a pile of coins when hit and can all be bought from the shop and the frequency of these hands make the game a little easier.

Earning coins also unlock really cool and colourful backgrounds which make the game look even better. Bright pink swirls (if that’s your thing) chocolate and tiles are among the variety that can be earned, all breathing a new lease of life into the game every time it’s changed. You can also make your hands rockets, guns, there is also a very cool Pac-Man themed slicer where fruit spews out upon every attack, if you’re a fan of the retro arcade game from the eighties then that is sure to put a smile on your face.

The different backgrounds help bring the game to life

What disappointed me a little was the fact that even though new zombies are thrown into the mix there is only one game mode, it just got progressively harder as you levelled up. The mode is very similar to Fruit Ninja’s classic mode which to me was probably the least fun mode of that game as it requires skill, and patience. I think what this game needed was a fun mode, where you can’t lose lives but just slash away like your life depended on it.

The addition of the different hands, guns and zombies did bring variety to the game even if it did have one mode and I enjoyed slicing the many zombies that I unlocked as I ranked up. Overall leaderboards allow you to compete with friends and trying to rack up a big score in game by getting combos and slicing heads made me want to keep playing.

My only problem with Slice Zombies was the Kinect tracking, at times it failed to register me and I had to hold my arm in a slightly awkward position, during the game was fine but attempting to navigate through the menu’s was a real struggle. That was my only major gripe, having to frantically wave or hold my arm still in attempt to get it to read me.

There are plenty of perks that can aid you like a mulitplier bonus

Overall Slice Zombies for Kinect is a fun game with a few issues. I enjoyed the time I spent frantically slicing the many, many coins and zombies that appeared and played it until my arms almost detached themselves from my body. The variety of zombies and the many unlockables from the shop added to the longevity of the game and brought a lot of extra enjoyment. Not all games can be AAA titles and sometimes it’s just nice to play a simple, fun game to pass the time, even if you wake up a little sore afterwards. Slice Zombies is a great little Zombie splattering Kinect title and we hope to hear more from MADE in the future.

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Slice Zombies

Slice Zombies

Overall Game Rating



  • An array of fantastic looking enemies and unlockables
  • Endless Zombie slicing fun


  • Kinect really struggled reading me at times
  • Needed a couple of game modes to extend the game further
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