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Quantum Rush: Champions Review

Quantum Rush: Champions is a classic action-packed futuristic racing game developed and self-published by GameArt Studio. The game had previously been on PC, and is now released on Xbox One on June 19th.  Quantum Rush: Champions is designed as an offline single player game with a career mode with trails and boss fights.

In Quantum Rush: Champions, you control a race car that will go up to unreal speeds and have to compete in vehicle combat races alongside other racers, picking up power ups like Mario kart style and using them to gain advantage over the rest in multiple different game modes.

shot_3Gotta go fast!

Of the different game modes players can choose to play through them in campaign modes, of which there are 3, one for each manufactures. For each of the manufactures campaigns there are 7 tiers, each of these tiers require you to play and gain medals in the different game types which lead to having to defeat the boss for that tier to proceed to the next tier.

Where the game gets complicated or deeper depending how you look at it is when you complete a level you unlock upgrades for your vehicle that will allow you to change the appearance and performance of your racer. These upgrades will be a necessity when completing each tier as they get progressively harder and harder. While they upgrades do help, the AI does seem to be ridiculous at some points to play against, while other moments in the game they are unbelievably easy to beat. The hardest mode that will be to complete will be the final mode for each tier and that would be the boss fights. There are times when I haven’t been able to catch up to the boss at all in order to beat the boss until I fully upgraded my ride.

shot_4Just trying to help a friend.

In the game there are 8 different modes, they include races, death match races, time trials and collectible races. While these are fun for a brief period, they don’t compare to playing these types of modes with friends or online with other players and the actual campaign is where you’ll most likely spend most of your time.

While the game can be fun at times, it does seem too repetitive for its own good however since there is only single player. While the game isn’t bad, there are a few other complaints I have about the game, the main issue being, the menus are terrible. Upon starting the game, I chose to play the game from the main menu and then went to a more confusing menu style which wasn’t easy to navigate at all and at the start I was unaware of how to change to campaign and the other modes so I was originally playing only in arcade mode.

shot_1Where choice matters.

Overall for Quantum Rush: Champion, it’s a fun game, maybe not for the price point it’s at now. Those who aren’t interested in this style game from the start probably won’t enjoy this game and those who are should know about the AI, difficulties and menus. While the game might not be for everyone, anyone who is really into this game will probably want to buy it anyways, and anyone on the fence about it should probably just wait for a sale.  

Quantum Ride: Champions

Quantum Ride: Champions

Overall Game Rating



  • Lots Customization
  • Lots of Races


  • No Multiplayer
  • Bad Menus
  • AI
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