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Mega Man Legacy Collection Review

mega man legacy collection


Mega Man Legacy Collection Review

It’s easy to become complacent with all the new games coming out nowadays, and be expectant of impeccable graphics, flawless gameplay and an enthralling story. Sometimes though, it is nice just to go back to basics, and The Megaman Legacy Collection does just that. It takes the six original Megaman games and gives them a little bit of a makeover for the Xbox One. The question is, do Megaman and his buddies hold up against the test of time?

Each of the six Megaman games has the same premise, in that you go through a number of fairly short platforming levels (usually 6 or 8), each with a robot master at the end you must defeat. Once you defeat each master you get their weapon, which will be effective on another boss, and you can do these levels in any order. Once all the mini bosses have been defeated, you will unlock a final area which will lead to the evil Wily’s castle (or sometimes there is another area before this in the later games). This castle will then consist of another 3 or 4 levels you must work your way through, each with a boss at the end, until you finally get to the final boss, which will often have at least 2 separate levels or forms that you have to defeat in order to beat the game.

megaman legacy collection

Mega Man Legacy Collection: Xbox One [Reviewed], Playstation 4, P.C
Developer: Digital Eclipse
Publisher: Capcom Entertainment Inc. 
Release Date: 25 August 2015
Price: £11.99 [Disclosure: Game copy supplied by Developer]

Each of the level designs are fairly simple, where you must maneuver your way through a number of different enemies, platforms, ladders and drops in order to get to the boss at the end. Even with this simple design, the levels can be difficult, especially to someone unfamiliar to the Megaman games. A lot of the enemies can take off a decent chunk of your life with a hit and make themselves rather awkward to avoid, but there are health pickups and the powers given by other bosses to make things that little bit easier. These powers are not infinite though, as you only have a set amount to make use of, unless you find a pickup to refill it.

To make things easier in the legacy collection, the simple press of a button brings up a menu, where you can save and load your game at any point. This can be at the start of a new level, in the middle of a boss or at a particularly tough spot in the game, and allows you to have unlimited chances in completing a part. This is available in all the Megaman games should you want to make use of it, and allows you to easily jump in and out of the game whenever you should wish. The games also have checkpoints scattered about, though it isn’t always obvious where these are so it is best to make use of the save/load option available to you, especially due to the controls of Megaman which are not always as responsive as you would like them to be. Unfortunately, there was one too many times I fell down a hole because my A button didn’t seem to make Megaman jump when I wanted him to.

megaman legacy collection

Once you have completed all the games, there are a large number of challenges for you to complete. These consist of either a collection of bosses, various parts from levels, or a combination of the two, and have a time in which you must complete it by. The better you do, the higher rank you get, and there is a gold, silver and bronze medal up for grabs depending on your time. The difficulty of each of these vary, and some require you to be very quick for the gold time, whereas others allow you a little more leeway. There are a total of 50 challenges for you to try, and you have to finish a certain number in order to unlock the next lot. Some of the challenges feel like they are aimed more at the veterans of the Megaman games than people new to the series, and the achievement for getting gold in the 50 challenges may seem out of reach for some (me included).

Whilst the game’s graphics may be dated, they have been brushed up well for the Xbox One. The colours are bright and the game is lovely to look at, with the overall look of the game being kept largely similar to the originals. Each Megaman runs smoothly for the most part, apart from the occasional lag when there is a lot going on in the screen at once. The music is 8bit nostalgia heaven, and each game has a perfect accompanying soundtrack that you can’t help but love to listen to.

mega man legacy collection

As someone who never really got the chance to play the games when they were first released, The Megaman Legacy Collection has allowed me to fall in love with the series and make me wish I had played it the first time around. It is a perfect chance for similar players to give it a go, and those who already know and love the series will be able to jump right in. The games are each unique and fun to play, and the challenges give the game that extra bit of replayability and make the game a tough but ultimately satisfying, completion. Fans of Megaman, platforming games or those in need of a bit of nostalgia should be buying the game right away, and there are lots of hours of fun to be had for gamers in any of those groups.

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Overall Game Rating



  • 6 Megaman games for the price of 1
  • Nostalgic graphics and music
  • Short levels with exciting and interesting bosses


  • Controls not always responsive
  • Gold medals on challenges feels tough for non Megaman players
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