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Leo’s Fortune Review

It is easy to look at Leo’s Fortune and think “oh great, another platformer”, and think it is simply another game in a long line of many, especially when it comes to ID@Xbox games. Nowadays, platforming games have to try and do something a little different in order to stand out from the rest, and Leo’s Fortune manages to do that in bucketloads. It takes the standard platforming genre, and adds a little twist in the form of a green puff ball.

Leo’s Fortune sees you take the role, unsurprisingly, as Leo; a little green puffball whose fortune has been stolen and scattered about the world. Your job is to follow the trail of golden coins through the various locations, and try and figure out which of your family members could have possibly stolen it from you. After leaving a quick note for your wife, you set off on your journey which will see you manouver your way through forests, contraption filled rooms and giant gusts of winds. You will have to jump, slam, glide and push your way through a series of puzzles that range from the basic pushing of a rock, to guiding metal balls through a maze of different tunnels.

leo's fortune

Leo’s Fortune : Xbox One [Reviewed] PS4, PC, Mobile
Developer: 1337 & Senri
Publisher: Tilting Point
Release Date: 11 September 2015
Price: £5.59 [Disclosure copy provided by Developer/Publisher]

Your controls for Leo are simple, and basically apart from going left and right, you can jump and slam, as well as glide. As Leo is just a puffball with no legs or arms, he slides along the ground, and then uses this built up speed to slide down slopes and glide across large gaps. You will find yourself making good use of your physics knowledge in order to work out some of the route, for example you will need to go to one side of a log to weigh it down so it is pointing up the other side to give you the angle to jump up to the next platform. Whilst you make get temporarily stumped every now and again, none of the puzzles pose so much of a problem that it will get annoying. They manage to just have the right level of difficulty to keep it interesting but not so easy you simply run (or slide) straight through it.

Whilst there are a total of 5 acts, each which 4 levels, the individual levels will only take you about 5/6 minutes max to run through them. This means the game is very easy to jump in and out of, and gives you the freedom to spend as long or little on the game as you want without the worry of getting stuck mid level. There’s also bonus levels for you to unlock during your journey as well, which consist of two types of bonus. One sees you sliding around a track as many times as possible, while the other has you rushing through a level as fast as you can. These are a nice change of pace from the normal levels, but still keep within the same basic layout and you will be using the same skills to complete them.

leo's fortune

As for the levels themselves, there is a little more challenge available for the players who aren’t simply satisfied with just getting through the level. There are three stars available for you to earn, and these come from collecting all the coins, getting through without dying and finishing under a certain time. These are achievable in all the levels, but luckily each star can be completed in a separate run, making the challenge that little bit easier. The game is also generous in terms of the time you’re aiming to complete it on, and allows you a couple of mistakes or deaths, while still being able to make the time. There are also hidden cogs to find in some of the levels, which if nothing else earn you an achievement, so it is well worth going out of your way to reach them.

The game itself looks beautiful, with the bright colours and soft edges. Leo himself looks soft and cuddly, and the detail on his fur just makes you want to squeeze him like a cuddly toy. The levels have been well designed and are pretty to look at as well as play through. There’s a dramatic music accompaniment to your journey, and the odd word that Leo says during the levels, and his narration through the pictures cutscenes, will leave you yearning to hear his deep voice once more. The game’s story progresses at the perfect pace, and is intriguing and ends with an interesting twist, as well as a heartwarming lesson in what is really important.
Upon first glance, it is hard to find fault with Leo’s Fortune. Once you get further into the game, it’s even harder to find something wrong with it. Although the game is short in length, there are bonus levels, 3 stars to earn for every level, as well as a hardcore mode which sees you aim to get through all the levels in one go without dying. The game looks beautiful, and plays just as well as it looks, and the simple but cute story just adds the cherry on top of the cake. If you like the platforming genre then you should have bought Leo’s Fortune already, and if you are looking for a new game to keep you amused for a short while that will stay with you after you’ve finished it, spend your gold on Leo and you won’t be disappointed.

Leo's Fortune

Leo's Fortune

Overall Game Rating



  • Cute, interesting platformer with story to match
  • Star rating system adds more of a challenge to the game
  • Flawless and smooth gameplay


  • Levels very short, and game can be finished in a couple of hours
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