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J-Stars Victory VS+ Review

Known for their anime style fighting games such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse and J-stars victory vs (PS3) Bandai Namco have decided to put their skills to the test with the Playstation 4 and have once again teamed up with Shonen Jump to bring us J-stars victory vs +.

Published by Spike Chunsoft Games, J-stars victory vs + is just another addition to their hugely popular line of games including the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi series, Crimson Tears and a whole other line up of games that they just keep adding to. Criware once again bring da noise, with their unique taste of sound effects and musical scores that just add to the intense battles, making the player more captivated with the games amazing 3D anime style graphics.

Leading on from J-stars victory vs (PS3) this anime fighting game now has some online aspects to it, which includes free battles, arcade battles, a worldwide ranking system and a co operative multiplayer story mode.

J-Stars Victory VS+

The story consists of four different story arcs, the Dynamic, Hope, Investigation and Pursuit. Each of these stories has different playable characters from a variety of anime shows as the main characters I.E. Monkey D. Luffy, Ichigo Kurosaki, Toriko and Naruto Uzumaki.

There’s a massive tournament happening in Jump World, hosted by the “mysterious god like voice” Master Korin of Dragon Ball Z and you are tasked with going around Jump World collecting emblem pieces to advance further into the tournament and eventually the finals.

In order to Obtain these emblem pieces you have to figure out riddles that master Korin gives you as a clue, and once the riddle is solved you will travel to the emblems location. There you will have to prove yourself to an examiner to get the piece, but fighting to the virtual death.

Jump World is a vast seafaring place with islands that consist of towns, cities or buildings from a variety of anime shows such as Kame House (DBZ), Hidden Leaf Village (Naruto), Soul Society (Bleach) etc, each of these locations are also battle stages.

J-Stars Victory VS+

Displayed in 1080p the graphics showcase how 2D anime can be turned into 3D and still look great, each anime character has their own unique style which has been incorporated into the design of each battle stage and each character, during the cutscenes, it goes back to the 2D anime to remind us of the hard work and determination the creators of these shows put into the characters.

As for the soundtrack, the game brilliantly uses the musical scores from the anime shows as the background music for each battle stage like Burning Sword – Saint Saiyan, Two steps from hell – One Piece and Bravely and resolutely – Hunter X Hunter and this is something I loved, it made the game more in-depth and I got into it more.

The controls are similar to that of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, simple weak and heavy attack, combos and special moves. I find these controls easy to use and any newcomers to this game will get used to it straight away, the only thing you will have to study is the dodging and the guarding as there is no counter attack just yet, you will find that it’s easy to get put down and have your guard broken.

J-Stars Victory VS+

The gameplay mechanics run really smooth, it’s easy to control and maneuver with no delay or lag whatsoever. The only mechanic I think they could have done better with is the time the enemy takes to get back up of the floor, because in that instance they are invulnerable to attacks, but they are open to attack you freely without taking damage for that second. Also the targeting mechanic could use some work too because it’s easy to lose sight of your enemy and sometimes the target would disappear, leaving you vulnerable to attacks from all sides, but apart from that everything seems great and I wouldn’t change a thing.

With my experiences of the game I found that this game is definitely worth buying, even if you’re not into the anime genre, the innovative work that Bandai Namco, Spike Chunsoft Games and Criware have put into this game, should be more than enough to satisfy all forms of gamers, in their craving for an anime genre fighting game.

I absolutely love the character and game design putting a unique twist on current anime genre fighting games, the story arcs are good I like the fact that it’s using more than one character from a variety of anime shows, but the story itself needs a little more oomph to it, because 95% of people who got this game have watched the anime, know the characters and their backstory, but for people who haven’t seen or heard of these anime, it should include some of the backstory to the anime’s or even to the main story itself, to help ease them in.

J-Stars Victory VS+

What I didn’t like about the game is the fact that the online mode takes ages to load which encourages challengers to give up on finding a partner, there is some lag issues to the online and they need to give tutorials a more in-depth explanation and have an option to replay them.
I think to make this game an even bigger success, they need to have plans to come out with a DLC or at least some DLC characters, and all characters should be playable, including the support characters. They also need to include costume changes whether, DLC or unlocked during the story/arcade battles and customization of the airships in the story arc.

Overall J-Stars Victory VS+ is a smart buy and an excellent journey through past animes, resurfacing fond memories and experiences, which go hand in hand with this game. The single player , co-op battles and online is a lot of fun. There is more than enough content to satisfy the gamers thirst for a challenging game based around Bandai Namco’s successful anime shows. Although this game does have its bugs and glitches, which is to be expected since it has just been released, I have high hopes that they will get patched soon and have more things added to it, to bring it to a close.

With Bandai Namco and Shonen Jump going in a totally new direction with this game, I look forward to what will become of it, what it will have to offer in the near future and the joy gamers will get out of it.

J-Stars Victory VS+

J-Stars Victory VS+

Overall Game Rating



  • Great character design
  • Fun and challenging battles
  • Replay value is assured
  • Great fun for the family


  • More backstory needed
  • Online mode takes a while to join
  • More character content I.E. costumes, more female characters, more animes.
  • The invulnerability instance during combat
  • More co-op play
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