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Extreme Exorcism Review

With the launch of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, Indie games have always had a tough time, with gamers who dislike the amount of Indie games coming to these consoles and then the other half of gamers saying how much they love the indie titles and we need room for more. 

Xbox One has seen it’s fair share of great Indie games with gems like Super Time Force and Kalimba but this means that the bar for Indie games keeps getting raised and raised. And that bar may not have been met have by Extreme Exorcism developed by Golden Ruby Games. 

Extreme Exorcism

Extreme Exorcism: Xbox One [Reviewed] PC, Playstation 4
Developer: Golden Ruby Games
Publisher: Ripstone
Release Date: 23 September 2015
Price: £9.99 [Disclosure: Game copy supplied by Developer/Publisher]

Extreme Exorcism is a game with three main modes. Arcade, Challenges and Deathmatch. The aim of arcade mode is a rather odd one, the game wants you to kill… yourself? This is what makes this indie stand out in my eyes. Allow me to explain. At the beginning of each level you have round one, during this round you will face an almost harmless chair, the aim is simple, kill the chair. After killing the chair the round will end, simple right? Well then round two begins and you are forced to fight against yourself from the last round, this ghost will copy your exact movements from the last round and after you kill him and round three starts, there will be two ghosts one from round one and one from round 3 and of course this continues on until you have lost your three lives.

This mechanic is extremely fun at first because you realise how frustrated you are getting because you are losing to yourself and it’s actually quite amusing to play as you know that you are constantly improving as a player, due to beating yourself in the game. However, this mechanic does unfortunately begin to lose it’s novelty when you realise that all you have to do is just plan your movements carefully and only use shots that will kill the ghosts. The arcade mode is not that long I would say you could pass it it one hour at most if you pass every level first try, with that being said the later levels do begin to get harder as the score limit gets increased before you can unlock the rest of the levels.

Extreme Exorcism

You are able to pick up multiple weapons at a time (Three is the maximum) and these will all fire at the same time if you do use the tactic of pick up everything and spam, you are almost certainly dooming yourself for next round so there is an element of skill at play.

The challenge mode is fairly simple, it is very similar to arcade mode but with twists for example, to pass the first challenge you need to finish each round with all ghosts holding a harpoon gun but apart from that there is no real difference between these two modes. Therefore challenge mode is definitely the slowest part of the game

Now the Deathmatch mode in Extreme Exorcism I had hopes for but realistically it fails to deliver, this deathmatch mode is a local only experience and it just does not hold up with other local only games like Kalimba as it is rather complicated, it does have all the elements from the arcade mode but this is too much for friends who just want a quick game. Extreme Exorcism is just not the next Super Time Force or Towerfall Ascension.

Extreme Exorcism

Overall I think that Extreme Exorcism is a fun game but that’s it really, the game contains an interesting mechanic but even that gets old after the first few levels of the rather short arcade mode. There just are not enough features in the game to keep people interested for long enough I did finish the game but only for the purpose of the review I don’t think I would have gotten to the rather disappointing boss at the end. Sadly, Extreme Exorcism just does not hold up and that is a real shame.

Extreme Exorcism

Extreme Exorcism

Overall Game Rating



  • Interesting mechanic of killing your past self.
  • Can become very addictive very quickly
  • Tons of weapons


  • Mechanic does get old after a little while.
  • The challenge mode is rather lackluster
  • Just not enough levels and features to keep people hooked
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