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Deception IV The Nightmare Princess Review

Deception IV: The nightmare princess also known in Japan as “Kagero: Another princess”, is a strategy based game developed and published by Tecmo Koei.The Nightmare Princess is a revamped version of Deception IV: Blood ties, originally released in Japan in February 2014. This is the first game in the Deception series to be released on Playstation 4, Deception is an action strategy game with a scattered RPG elements thrown in and comes wrapped in a dark, sexual undertone of sadism, sacrifice and torturous devices from hell.

The legend goes, 5000 years ago the Devil ruled the world, until 12 saints of light came and banished him into a prison back in hell, where upon he took two parts of his souls and moulded them into his daughters, the princesses. Laegrinna, Princess of Darkness and Velgyrie, Princess of Nightmares. You are tasked with killing humans in their dreams in order to steal their souls to feed “The Great One” AKA The Devil. Players can kill humans with nightmares of their own design, by leading them into traps that you can conjure, to kill and humiliate them.

There are some environmental traps available to make your victim suffer even more thus giving you more points and more access to the story. The points are broken up into 3 categories, elaborate, sadistic and humiliation, these points are gained by the particular traps you use, how you set it up and how much damage you do to your victim.

The stages in the game are very linear with lots of “toys” you can play with. There are 2 different types of victims, believers and non-believers. The believers hope that ‘The Great One’ gets revived and help you guide the victims. by actually willing them to fall into the traps themselves. The non-believers are harder to kill and appear more aggressive then believers while also having a tendency to avoid your traps.

Deception IV’s graphics I would consider to be of a 3D anime style design, very reminiscent of Dragon Ball Xenoverse and J-Stars Victory Vs +. The Princesses design represents desire and sexuality, where as the victims are shown as more refined and prude, the look is very steam punk Victorian era, as is the same with the battle stages.

You play as two characters throughout the games two stories, nightmare and darkness. During nightmare you play as Velgyrie, while in darkness you play as Laegrinna, these two are featured in both stories and you don’t know that they are related, but that doesn’t stop them from having a friendly competition of death, murder and mayhem.

You have chance to fight her as well as other ‘self proclaimed princesses’ women are given these titles for a variety of situations I.E. killed a lot of people in the name of ‘The Great One’ or suffered extreme torment in life, you must kill these people to regain some of your lost powers of torture and sadism.

Overall, I found the game to be entertaining. The great thing about Deception is there is a lot to do, a wealth of quests and conditions to be met in order to reap a lot of rewards, the game design looks great very dark and reminds me a lot of the game Bayonetta, with the character dialogue and personality likeness. There were a few things I was slightly disappointed with, maybe I was expecting too much from it, I thought there would be more sexual content, something leaning towards a 50 shades of grey area. I felt there wasn’t  a great deal of combat throughout the game . Deception IV requires a lot of thinking and planning, which might not suit some. A larger free roam area in battle is required, while I thought there was also a lack of blood and gore, which would have made the game more appealing.

I believe to make this an even better game, I would add some form of character customization and have some open world content, and a lot more blood and gore.

Deception IV The Nightmare Princess

Deception IV The Nightmare Princess

Overall Game Rating



  • Great character and menu design,
  • Love the combination of traps and their effects
  • Deception has a great back story to it


  • Very linear
  • There isn’t much freedom in the stages
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