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Yakuza 5 Gets New Screenshots and character information

Upcoming PlayStation 3 title, Yakuza 5 has today received new character information and screenshots. In December 2014 at the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas SEGA announced that together with Sony Computer Entertainment they would release Yakuza 5 in the U.S and Europe for the first time after the game was initially released in 2012 in Japan. As of yet there is no concrete release date for Yakuza 5, which was originally scheduled to launch in the forth quarter of 2015. 

“When someone has ties to the Yakuza, his life can hardly be boring. Indeed, it is probably full of violence, money and work legally ambiguous. As I do not know of anyone linked to the Yakuza who can confirm this, I know that the protagonists of Yakuza 5 have to do with several gangsters, civil desperate and unsavory characters that make up the hidden world of Japanese. Here are some of the “blameless” in which you will have to do”

– This imposing gentleman is Masaru Watase, a lieutenant ambitious Alliance forces in Omi, who wants to become the next great leader. His gaze permanently frowning makes you realize that you do not bother him. Watase wants to maximize the splendor of Tokyo Yakuza (the Tojo clan), because they would love to be able to wage a good old fashioned gang war.


– The stoic detective Osaka is a mysterious figure who appears in most of the stories of the protagonists. Often it provides important clues and “helps” to direct the main characters toward a specific goal. These manipulations are based on a personal vendetta or a larger design that escapes our protagonists?


– This familiar face is the mad dog of the family Shimano, Goro Majima. It is very short-tempered and prone to violence, but is loyal to his friends, albeit in his own way a little ‘perverse. Majima returns to his old habits in Yakuza 5, but is not involved in anything important. No, really, nothing


– This figure is disturbing Hiroshi Kugihara, a convict sadist who is in prison along with Saejima. The latter would only serve his sentence in peace, but Kugihara and his accomplices try to make his life a living hell, filling it constantly blows. Saejima managed to remain calm and not to react … but we’re talking about Saejima not be able to stay very long …


– As you can see, Sosuke Komaki is fixed with the fights and fashion grunge nineties. It may give the impression of being a bad guy, because he wants to beat Kiryu, actually is a coach who wants to put Kiryu fit. The longtime fans of the series Yakuza recognize the origins of the fighting style of Sosuke …


SEGA received so many requests from fans to bring Yakuza 5 to the U.S. and Europe. Yakuza 5 also made the top of the list of Sony’s #BuidingTheList campaign led by Gio Corsi at Sony Computer Entertainment and we were moved by all the support given to Yakuza 5 by the PlayStation community.

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