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Week 8 of League of Legends eSports

Welcome ladies and gentleman to Week 8 of the EU and NA LCS. Only one week is left before the EU and NA summer playoffs begin to determine the three teams who make it to Worlds this year.

As a reminder for Worlds tickets for Group Stages in Paris, France and the Quarterfinals will be in London, UK are already sold out for both. And Semifinals will be held in Brussels, Belgium and tickets for that went on sale July 22nd. And finally the Finals will be held in Berlin, Germany and tickets for the finals will go on sale July 29th. You can find all ticket info when they go on sale here at the following address.


Now here is a recap of how the standings in the EU LCS looked after week 7.

  1. Fnatic (14-0)
  2. Origen (10-4)
  3. H2K (9-5)
  4. Giants Gaming (7-7)
  5. Unicorns of Love (7-7)
  6. Gambit Gaming (6-8)
  7. ROCCAT (6-8)
  8. Elements (5-9)
  9. SK Gaming (4-10)
  10. Copenhagen Wolves (2-12)

Alright let’s get into week 8, but first I’m doing something a little new and the pictures will be of the most used champion from each week from each region. This week the most used champion from the EU was, “Corki, the Daring Bombadier.”


Fnatic – Game 1 vs ROCCAT: Champions played; Huni (Riven) 3/2/4, Reignover (Rek’Sai) 2/1/4, Febiven (Twisted Fate) 2/3/5, Rekkles (Corki) 3/0/3, YellOwStaR (Alistar) 0/0/6. An exciting game for Fnatic as crowd favorite “Huni” pulls out a new champion to play which really got the crowd into it, overall was a pretty normal game, with Fnatic exercising control to win the game. Result: Win.

          Game 2 vs Elements: Champions played; Huni (Jarvan) 4/3/6, Reignover (Gragas) 0/0/7, Febiven (Viktor) 3/1/2, Rekkles (Tristana) 6/0/4, and YellOwStaR (Alistar) 0/0/9. Another pretty controlled win, allowing Elements less than five kills the entire match. Fnatic is still undefeated though that could change in the final week as they will be facing Unicorns of Love who would love nothing more to stop Fnatic from making history. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

Origen – Game 1 vs Gambit Gaming: Champions played; SoaZ (Nautilus) 0/6/4, Amazing (Rek’Sai) 1/4/8, xPeke (Viktor) 5/5/1, Niels (Corki) 4/1/1, and Mithy (Braum) 0/6/2. A disheartening loss to a team they were figured to win against, with poor performances by most everyone on the team, it’s safe to say Origen were just out-played. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs SK Gaming: Champions played; SoaZ (Ryze) 3/4/6, Amazing (Gragas) 3/5/5, xPeke (Twisted Fate) 4/3/3, Niels (Corki) 1/2/6, and Mithy (Nautilus) 1/6/5. It wasn’t a dominate or completely clean game like we are used to seeing from Origen, but they did get the win against a SK squad who has been putting up some fight here toward the end of the season. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

H2K – Game 1 vs Giants Gaming: Champions played; Odoamne (Shen) 7/0/8, Loulex (Gragas) 0/1/13, Ryu (Ahri) 14/1/4, Hjarnan (Kalista) 3/2/9, and kaSing (Alistar) 0/1/17. A great game and much needed pick-me-up win for H2K, coming off of spectacular play from Ryu on Ahri, as H2K easily controlled the game only giving up four kills. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Copenhagen Wolves: Champions played; Odoamne (Shen) 1/5/6, Loulex (Rek’Sai) 3/9/7, Ryu (Viktor) 3/8/3, Hjarnan (Corki) 5/2/5, and kaSing (Alistar) 1/5/5. A terrible game for H2K, much like for Origen, H2K was expected to beat the Wolves hands down no questions asked. But as you can see H2K just got completely dominated by a team who hasn’t shown up all season, a tough loss for H2K, who will face both Gambit and Origen in week 9. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

Giants Gaming – Game 1 vs H2K: Champions played; Werlyb (Ryze) 1/5/1, Fr3deric (Rek’Sai) 0/2/3, PepiiNeRO (Jayce) 3/3/1, Adryh (Jinx) 0/9/1, and G0DFRED (Nautilus) 0/5/2. Not a great game for Giants who, allowed H2K’s mid laner to get extremely fed, and just couldn’t deal with Odoamne and Ryu as the game progressed. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs ROCCAT: Champions played; Werlyb (Shyvana) 3/5/3, Fr3deric (Gragas) 0/7/7, PepiiNeRO (Varus) 1/3/3, Adryh (Corki) 3/4/3, and G0DFRED (Alistar) 1/2/6. Giants are just inconsistent, one week they will put up some good wins against good teams and other weeks they seem to have no idea what they want to do, this was one of those times. Whatever the case may be for Giants they need to step it up for week 9. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

Unicorns of Love – Game 1 vs SK Gaming: Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Rumble) 1/6/1, Gilius (Lee Sin) 1/7/2, PowerOfEvil (Ezreal) 1/1/2, Vardags (Jinx) 1/3/3, and Hylissang (Tresh) 0/5/3. A bad game for UOL after replacing their jungler for a new one due to some internal issues within the group, this change however bad it may be, does come at the best possible time for UOL as it is before playoffs. However as you can see their new jungler did not work out right away as UOL got completely demolished by SK Gaming. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Gambit Gaming: Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Maokai) 1/1/18, Gilius (Jarvan) 0/3/19, PowerOfEvil (Orianna) 15/3/3, Vardags (Corki) 5/0/11, and Hylissang (Alistar) 0/1/20. A much better game for UOL, as their mid laner PowerOfEvil dominates Gambit on his Orianna, and team communication as a whole looked to be a lot better this game than it did last game. In week 9, UOL will look to play spoiler for Fnatic. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

Gambit Gaming – Game 1 vs Origen: Champions played; Cabochard (Shen) 1/2/13, Diamondprox (Nidalee) 9/2/7, Betsy (Jayce) 4/2/9, FORG1VEN (Lucian) 5/1/7, and Gosu Pepper (Alistar) 3/3/12. A pretty convincing win over the second best team in the EU, as Gambit were really on point this game with their team-play and objective control. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Unicorns of Love: Champions played; Cabochard (Gangplank) 2/4/5, Diamondprox (Rek’Sai) 1/4/5, Betsy (Ahri) 3/3/5, FORG1VEN (Lucian) 2/4/2, and Gosu Pepper (Gragas) 0/6/5. That pretty convincing win in the first game turned into a pretty spectacular loss in the second game here against UOL, as Gambit couldn’t stop things from getting out of control as they lose by a landslide. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)           

ROCCAT – Game 1 vs Fnatic: Champions played; Steve (Rumble) 1/5/3, Jankos (Gragas) 0/2/3, Nukeduck (Varus) 3/1/2, MrRalleZ (Caitlyn) 2/1/2, and Vander (Janna) 0/1/4. Despite it being a low kill game, ROCCAT was going up against Fnatic, which meant ROCCAT needed to step up their objective play. That however was not the case, and ROCCAT lost as a result. Result: Loss.

          Game 2 vs Giants Gaming: Champions played; Steve (Maokai) 2/0/17, Jankos (Rek’Sai) 2/1/17, Nukeduck (Viktor) 9/1/12, MrRalleZ (Kog’Maw) 5/2/8, and Vander (Nautilus) 3/4/14. A great win against Giants Gaming after their loss against Fnatic, ROCCAT are still in playoff contention, but it will take a good showing on their part in week 9 as well as a poor showing from some of the other teams such as Gambit or Giants. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

 Elements – Game 1 vs Copenhagen Wolves: Champions played; Jwaow (Rumble) 3/2/11, Dexter (Rek’Sai) 3/1/9, Froggen (Varus) 11/2/7, Tabzz (Corki) 2/2/9, and Nyph (Tresh) 0/1/13. A well played game from Elements who are starting to seem like UOL was and getting one good win a week, as well as a pretty bad loss. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Fnatic: Champions played; Jwaow (Shen) 0/3/3, Dexter (Nidalee) 1/3/1, Froggen (Varus) 2/1/0, Tabzz (Corki) 1/5/0, and Nyph (Janna) 0/1/1. It was a game in which Elements just got dominated by Fnatic, so another 1-1 record for the week, there is a bright spot for Elements though at least. They can actually still manage to make playoffs if teams like Gambit, Giants, and ROCCAT all have bad games and Elements win theirs. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

SK Gaming – Game 1 vs Unicorns of Love: Champions played; fredy122 (Gnar) 2/1/9, Svenskeren (Nidalee) 7/1/7, Fox (Jayce) 12/1/4, CandyPanda (Corki) 0/1/6, and nRated (Shen) 1/0/11. A dominating game from SK capitalizing off of the roster swap from UOL, as SK got the win by getting their jungler and mid lane a pretty good sized lead to control the game. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Origen: Champions played; fredy122 (Gnar) 3/3/4, Svenskeren (Lee Sin) 2/6/6, Fox (Viktor) 6/5/6, CandyPanda (Kog’Maw) 3/7/7, and nRated (Shen) 1/5/12. A well-played game, but a loss in the end, as SK had themselves a 1-1 week. SK however are not out of the woods yet, if they lose both of their games in week 9 and the Wolves win both of theirs, SK will have to play the Wolves in a tie-breaker match with the loser being kicked out of the EU LCS. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

Copenhagen Wolves – Game 1 vs Elements: Champions played; Lenny (Shen) 1/2/4, Shook (Lee Sin) 1/6/4, Soren (Azir) 1/4/3, Freeze (Kalista) 4/0/2, and Je suis Kaas (Morgana) 1/7/4. A tough loss where they needed a win to catch up to SK Gaming, things are looking grim for the Wolves as the fate of relegation is looming. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs H2K: Champions played; Lenny (Rumble) 7/3/15, Shook (Elise) 2/5/16, Soren (Irelia) 6/3/4, Freeze (Caitlyn) 14/0/4, and Je suis Kaas (Tresh) 0/2/18. A surprisingly dominate game against one of the teams who are much higher in the standings than them, and this win also gives the Wolves some hope. The Wolves will need to win both of their games in week 9 against ROCCAT and Giants, and SK will have to lose both of theirs to give the Wolves a chance to tie SK. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

And that wraps up the recap of week 8 in the EU LCS, as Fnatic are still unbeaten sitting at 16-0 with only two games remaining in the summer season. Here are how the rest of the standings are looking.

  1. Fnatic (16-0)
  2. Origen (11-5)
  3. H2K (10-6)
  4. Unicorns of Love (8-8)
  5. Gambit Gaming (7-9)
  6. Giants Gaming (7-9)
  7. ROCCAT (7-9)
  8. Elements (6-10)
  9. SK Gaming (5-11)
  10. Copenhagen Wolves (3-13)

And this week’s featured match-up is the game between Giants Gaming and H2K. This week I am showcasing my favorite team from each region, and my favorite team from the EU region is H2K. And it’s just a side bonus that Ryu is also playing my favourite champion 😉 Enjoy!!

And now we head over to the NA LCS, where six of the ten teams are still battling it out with each other for the spot at the top of the table. Here are the standings for NA after week 7.

  1. Gravity (11-3)
  2. Team Liquid (10-4)
  3. Team Impulse (9-5)
  4. (TSM) Team Solo Mid (9-5)
  5. (CLG) Counter Logic Gaming (9-5)
  6. Team Dignitas (8-6)
  7. Team 8 (5-9)
  8. Enemy Esports (4-10)
  9. Cloud 9 (4-10)
  10. (TDK) Team Dragon Knights (1-13)


And now let’s get into week 8 for the NA LCS, but as with EU not before introducing this week’s most used champion in NA. And the most used champion this week was, “Maokai, the Twisted Treant.”


Gravity – Game 1 vs Team Dignitas: Champions played; Hauntzer (Shen) 3/5/10, Move (Vi) 1/6/8, Keane (Rumble) 3/6/8, Altec (Tristana) 7/2/5, Bunny FuFuu (Braum) 0/7/9. Gravity experienced it’s first bad game in quite some time, stemming from a questionable mid-lane choice by Keane, but despite the choice it was still a close game. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Team 8: Champions played; Hauntzer (Gnar) 3/2/10, Move (Vi) 1/7/7, Keane (Kog’Maw) 6/2/6, Altec (Jinx) 6/1/4, Bunny FuFuu (Janna) 0/1/15. Gravity avoids going 0-2 this week after putting up a good controlled game against Team 8. They have one tough game left against Team Impulse. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

Team Liquid – Game 1 vs CLG: Champions played; Quas (Hecarim) 2/3/2, IWDominate (Rek’Sai) 1/1/3, FeniX (Viktor) 1/2/4, Piglet (Corki) 1/1/1, and Xpecial (Janna) 0/1/4. A loss for Liquid in a rematch against CLG in which Liquid won the first match, this time however they were just always on the back foot and couldn’t keep up with CLG’s map movements. Result: Loss.

          Game 2 vs Enemy Esports: Champions played; Quas (Maokai) 0/1/15, IWDominate (Rek’Sai) 3/0/11, FeniX (Twisted Fate) 4/0/8, Piglet (Kalista) 9/0/8, and Xpecial (Janna) 1/0/16. A absolutely dominating game from Team Liquid, only allowing Enemy Esports one kill and one tower the entire match. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

Team Impulse – Game 1 vs TSM: Champions played; Impact (Maokai) 3/4/9, Rush (Nidalee) 3/0/8, XiaoWeiXiao (Orianna) 3/0/7, Apollo (Kog’Maw) 4/0/8, and Adrian (Janna) 0/0/13. Impulse put up a dominating game in what was expected to be a very close match between them and TSM, however it seems Impulse is still coming on strong which bodes well for them in their game against Gravity next week. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs TDK: Champions played; Impact (Shen) 4/2/12, Rush (Lee Sin) 5/5/13, XiaoWeiXiao (Orianna) 3/2/11, Apollo (Sivir) 10/2/7, and Gate (Alistar) 1/5/12. Despite Impulse losing their normal support player for a few weeks due to some personal issues, they still managed to beat TDK, as they should have since TDK is the lowest team in the standings. Overall another great week for Impulse. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

TSM – Game 1 vs Team Impulse: Champions played; Dyrus (Shen) 1/2/2, Santorin (Gragas) 0/2/2, Bjergson (Twisted Fate) 3/3/1, WildTurtle (Corki) 0/4/3, and Lustboy (Annie) 0/2/3. TSM was blown out by Impulse pretty much, and things are not looking good for TSM with some tough games still remaining, and having lost 4 games in a row now does not look good for TSM. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Team Dignitas: Champions played; Dyrus (Maokai) 0/0/7, Santorin (Gragas) 1/1/6, Bjergson (Kog’Maw) 4/0/5, WildTurtle (Tristana) 5/0/4, and Lustboy (Janna) 0/0/10. TSM finally gets a much needed win to keep them from sliding any more, and this win is more like the TSM we need to see as they only allowed one kill all game. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

CLG – Game 1 vs Enemy Esports: Champions played; ZionSpartan (Fizz) 3/1/1, Xmithie (Gragas) 0/0/4, Pobelter (Ezreal) 1/3/1, Doublelift (Tristana) 3/0/1, and Aphromoo (Alistar) 1/1/5. A low kill game, but that’s exactly the way CLG wants it when they focus on macro level objective control. And that’s how CLG game out on top this game over Team Liquid. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Cloud 9: Champions played; ZionSpartan (Kennen) 4/4/10, Xmithie (Gragas) 3/3/12, Pobelter (Azir) 6/6/12, Doublelift (Sivir) 9/2/11, and Aphromoo (Janna) 0/6/19. A much needed 2-0 week from CLG helping boost them in the standings and still in a fighting spot for a first round bye in the playoffs, they will face off against Dignitas in week 9. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

Team Dignitas – Game 1 vs Gravity: Champions played; Gamsu (Gnar) 3/4/15, Helios (Rek’Sai) 2/3/20, Shiphtur (Ahri) 12/1/12, CoreJJ (Corki) 9/2/14, and KiWiKiD (Tresh) 0/4/21. A great win over Gravity who was on a hot streak, Dignitas showed great communication in team fights and got ahead early due to their mid laner Shiptur on his Ahri. Result: Win.

          Game 2 vs TSM: Champions played; Gamsu (Rumble) 1/1/0, Helios (Rek’Sai) 0/2/1, Shiphtur (Viktor) 0/2/1, CoreJJ (Jinx) 0/2/1, and KiWiKiD (Tresh) 0/3/1. After a surprising upset over Gravity, Dignitas stumble and flounder against TSM. Dignitas will face CLG in week 9. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

Team 8 – Game 1 vs TDK: Champions played; CaliTrlolz8 (Maokai) 3/3/13, Porpoise8 (Gragas) 3/2/18, goldenglue (Varus) 7/2/13, Nien (Corki) 13/1/8, and Dodo8 (Alistar) 0/4/22. A tough fought match against TDK, but due to Nien getting a sizable lead on Corki, Team 8 was able to win some late game fights and ultimately win the game. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Gravity: Champions played; CaliTrlolz8 (Maokai) 3/3/6, Porpoise8 (Nidalee) 3/4/6, goldenglue (Azir) 2/3/10, Nien (Tristana) 5/2/5, and Dodo8 (Braum) 0/4/11. Team 8 put up a decent game against Gravity, but “decent” wasn’t enough in this case as Gravity proved to be too strong of a team for Team 8. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

Enemy Esports – Game 1 vs Cloud 9: Champions played; Flaresz (Maokai) 2/7/4, Trashy (Evelynn) 1/2/6, Innox (Master Yi) 2/3/5, Otter (Corki) 4/3/3, and Bodydrop (Alistar) 1/5/4. A close game against Cloud 9, but you know what they say about things being close. However luckily for them with TDK also losing they don’t have to worry about falling to last place and being relegated. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Team Liquid: Champions played; Flaresz (Fizz) 0/5/0, Trashy (Gragas) 1/3/0, Innox (Yasuo) 0/4/0, Otter (Sivir) 0/1/0, and Bodydrop (Nautilus) 0/4/0. Enemy just got decimated by Team Liquid, they were only able to take down one tower and secure only one kill the entire match. Sadly things won’t get easier as Enemy’s final two games are against TSM and Dignitas. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

Cloud 9 – Game 1 vs Enemy Esports: Champions played; Balls (Rumble) 2/3/13, Hai (Shyvana) 3/3/8, Incarnati0n (Ahri) 9/0/3, Sneaky (Kalista) 2/2/11, and LemonNation (Braum) 4/2/13. A pretty close game with Enemy, but Cloud 9 managed to stay ahead and get the win due to Incarnati0n as well as great team fights later in the game. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs CLG: Champions played; Balls (Maokai) 1/5/12, Hai (Nidalee) 6/4/6, Incarnati0n (Orianna) 6/4/10, Sneaky (Kalista) 8/5/7, and LemonNation (Karma) 0/4/14. Despite their team comp being based on the one they had much success with last week, CLG is a whole different team to contend with and they were obviously ready for what Cloud 9 had to dish out resulting in this loss for Cloud 9. In week 9 they will have a rematch against TSM. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

TDK – Game 1 vs Team 8: Champions played; Seraph (Rumble) 4/7/7, Kez (Evelynn) 0/4/9, Ninja (Jacye) 3/4/6, Emperor (Tristana) 5/4/6, and Smoothie (Braum) 0/7/10. Sadly yet another loss for TDK, and this loss will be the end of them, now having no way to make it out of last place TDK will be kicked from the NA LCS at the end of the summer split. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Team Impulse: Champions played; Seraph (Vladimir) 4/4/8, Kez (Elise) 4/4/5, Ninja (Syndra) 6/4/5, Emperor (Vayne) 2/5/6, and Smoothie (Bard) 0/6/9. Just because TDK’s hopes of staying in the NA LCS are over doesn’t mean they still can’t try and upset some of the teams higher in the standings, but despite a decent early game TDK was not able to upset Team Impulse. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

And that wraps up the recap of week 8 in the NA LCS, where many teams are just within one game of one another and where it will all come down to how teams do in week 9. Here is now the standings look.


  1. Gravity (12-4)
  2. Team Impulse (11-5)
  3. (CLG) Counter Logic Gaming (11-5)
  4. Team Liquid (11-5)
  5. (TSM) Team Solo Mid (10-6)
  6. Team Dignitas (9-7)
  7. Team 8 (6-10)
  8. Cloud 9 (5-11)
  9. Enemy Esports (4-12)
  10. (TDK) Team Dragon Knights (1-15)

And this week’s featured match-up between CLG and Team Liquid, where CLG shows that you don’t have to get lots of kills to control and win the game. Enjoy!

And that wraps up week 8 of League of Legends. Thanks for reading guys and gals, and as always, see you next time!!

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