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Week 5 of League of Legends eSports

Welcome ladies and gentleman to Week 5 of the EU and NA LCS. We are now officially half way through the season with only weeks 6-9 left. After the summer split is over then the EU and NA LCS play-offs will begin to determine which 3 teams from each region will get a spot at Worlds.

But first as usual here is how the standings in the EU LCS looked after week 4.

  1. Fnatic (8-0)
  2. H2K (7-1)
  3. Origen (6-2)
  4. Giants Gaming (4-4)
  5. Unicorns of Love (4-4)
  6. Gambit Gaming (3-5)
  7. Copenhagen Wolves (2-6)
  8. ROCCAT (2-6)
  9. Elements (2-6)
  10. SK Gaming (2-6)

EU LCS Teams

Alright let’s get into week 5, for any new readers the layout in the summaries below is as follows in order of role from Top, Jungle, Mid l, ADC, and Support; player name, (champion name), kills, deaths, and assists, so enjoy!

Fnatic – Game 1 vs H2K: Champions played; Huni (Ryze) 6/3/6, Reignover (Olaf) 4/3/9, Febiven (Jayce) 6/1/3, Rekkles (Sivir) 1/1/13, YellOwStaR (Janna) 0/0/13. Fnatic again found themselves facing off against the second best team in the EU this week, this time against H2K, and once again they had no problem achieving a convincing victory. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Gambit Gaming: Champions played; Huni (Ekko) 7/2/3, Reignover (Gragas) 2/4/10, Febiven (Jayce) 9/2/6, Rekkles (Kalista) 2/5/8, and YellOwStaR (Janna) 1/1/13. Another win, another 2-0 week for Fnatic, who broke their own win streak record of 8 games without a loss from back in 2012. Can Fnatic remain undefeated the rest of the summer? Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

H2K – Game 1 vs Fnatic: Champions played; Odoamne (Rumble) 1/5/4, Loulex (Rek’Sai) 0/4/4, Ryu (Varus) 4/3/3, Hjarnan (Corki) 3/2/3, and KaSing (Alistar) 0/3/6. H2K was just no match for Fnatic, who now serve as a roadblock, giving H2K their first loss since week 1. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs SK Gaming: Champions played; Odoamne (Ryze) 1/8/4, Loulex (Rek’Sai) 0/6/4, Ryu (Jayce) 7/2/0, Hjarnan (Corki) 1/2/1, and KaSing (Janna) 0/1/7. Not a great week for H2K, in fact it’s their first week this summer where they have lost both games. They will need to bounce back and keep their heads up going into week 6 if they want to stay in the top 3 in EU. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

Origen – Game 1 vs Gambit Gaming: Champions played; SoaZ (Lulu) 1/0/15, Amazing (Rek’Sai) 3/1/13, xPeke (Vladimir) 7/1/8, Niels (Kalista) 9/0/6, and Mithy (Alistar) 1/0/13. A dominating win from Origen, and looking again like the Origen we have been used to seeing during the first few weeks of summer. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Copenhagen Wolves: Champions played; SoaZ (Ekko) 2/0/1, Amazing (Gragas) 2/0/6, xPeke (Varus) 2/1/4, Niels (Corki) 3/0/4, and Mithy (Janna) 1/0/9. A low kill game, but it was also a game where Origen was dominate overall, with them only giving up 1 kill the entire game. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

Giants Gaming – Game 1 vs Unicorns of Love: Champions played; Werlyb (Shvyana) 2/1/6, Fr3deric (Wukong) 0/5/8, PepiiNeRO (Kog’Maw) 3/1/8, Adryh (Ezreal) 7/3/4, and G0DFRED (Janna) 1/4/9. After going 0-2 last week they faced UOL a team that they were tied with in the standings for what was a close game but a win for Giants. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Elements: Champions played; Werlyb (Shyvana) 2/3/4, Fr3deric (Rek’Sai) 2/3/5, PepiiNeRO (Orianna) 3/2/2, Adryh (Sivir) 1/1/3, and G0DFRED (Tresh) 0/2/6. I wouldn’t say it was a bad game by Giants, but a weird one, making mistakes they shouldn’t normally make which cost them a few team fights and the game. Result: Loss (1-1 on the week)

Unicorns of Love – Game 1 vs SK Gaming: Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Shen) 1/1/9, Kikis (Lee Sin) 2/2/6, PowerOfEvil (Syndra) 6/4/3, Vardags (Jinx) 5/2/4, and Hylissang (Morgana) 0/4/7. Another very close game that UOL would have liked to have one, but in the end they just couldn’t close out. This downward slide does not bode well for UOL. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs ROCCAT: Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Maokai) 0/1/7, Kikis (Gragas) 4/4/3, PowerOfEvil (Cassiopeia) 0/2/2, Vardags (Jinx) 3/4/3, and Hylissang (Alistar) 0/3/6. Another loss to yet another team that was close to them in the standings, as said above UOL, need to find out what is going wrong and fix it before it’s too late. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

Gambit Gaming – Game 1 vs Origen: Champions played; Cabochard (Hecarim) 2/2/0, Diamondprox (Nidalee) 1/8/1, Betsy (Ahri) 0/2/3, FORG1VEN (Corki) 0/3/2, and Gosu Pepper (Taric) 0/5/2. A devastating loss that was nothing short of a blowout, but it was a loss that definitely should have been expected against a team like Origen. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Unicorns of Love: Champions played; Cabochard (Hecarim) 5/2/4, Diamondprox (Lee Sin) 2/4/6, Betsy (Azir) 7/5/2, FORG1VEN (Sivir) 0/4/7, and Gosu Pepper (Annie) 0/6/6. A unlucky week for Gambit going up against two of the strongest teams in the EU LCS right now, but they fared way better against this Fnatic squad than they did against Origen. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

Copenhagen Wolves – Game 1 vs ROCCAT: Champions played; YoungBuck (Maokai) 1/7/6, Shook (Rek’Sai) 2/1/6, Soren (Cassiopeia) 4/6/1, Freeze (Sivir) 3/1/4, and Unlimited (Alistar) 0/5/6. Despite swapping out their jungler for a new one the Wolves still found themselves not being able to play the objective well together and I would imagine that also resulted in lack of communication during team fights. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Origen: Champions played; YoungBuck (Lulu) 1/4/0, Shook (Rengar) 0/2/1, Soren (Orianna) 0/1/1, Freeze (Draven) 0/1/0, and Unlimited (Alistar) 0/2/1. A game which they were expected to probably lose, and lose they did only securing 1 kill and only 2 towers the entire game against Origen. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

ROCCAT – Game 1 vs Copenhagen Wolves: Champions played; Steve (Ekko) 5/4/8, Jankos (Gragas) 3/3/14, Nukeduck (Varus) 5/1/9, MrRalleZ (Kalista) 7/1/2, and Vander (Janna) 0/1/13. A decent game from ROCCAT, and a much needed win to help them avoid falling into last place. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs SK Gaming: Champions played; Steve (Ekko) 3/2/7, Jankos (Rek’Sai) 4/1/8, Nukeduck (Varus) 1/2/10, MrRalleZ (Sivir) 5/2/7, and Vander (Janna) 1/0/11. It was a great week for ROCCAT, picking up 2 much needed wins and taking down a team like UOL who was above them in the standings. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

Elements – Game 1 vs SK Gaming: Champions played; Jwaow (Gnar) 2/3/11, Dexter (Rek’Sai) 1/5/9, Froggen (Kog’Maw) 5/1/6, Tabzz (Kalista) 5/4/7, and Nyph (Alistar) 2/5/10. Another win on the board for Elements after swapping out their support player for the one they had last season, as far as the win goes, it could have been cleaner. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Giants Gaming: Champions played; Jwaow (Gnar) 4/1/5, Dexter (Gragas) 2/1/8, Froggen (Azir) 3/3/3, Tabzz (Corki) 2/1/5, and Nyph (Alistar) 0/2/7. It was another close game for Elements in this win against Giants Gaming, and this marks the first week that Elements have been able to win both of their games. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

SK Gaming – Game 1 vs Elements: Champions played; fredy122 (Shen) 0/2/4, Svenskeren (Gragas) 2/4/12, Fox (Ekko) 6/2/5, CandyPanda (Sivir) 8/3/7, and nRated (Morgana) 1/4/14. It was a close game but I feel after winning both of their games last week they came into this match not fully respecting what Elements could do. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs H2K: Champions played; fredy122 (Gnar) 5/1/6, Svenskeren (Gragas) 1/1/13, Fox (Azir) 6/3/11, CandyPanda (Caitlyn) 6/3/7, and nRated (Lulu) 1/1/14. Their only win this week, which came in a rematch against H2K who they lost against the first time these two teams played each other, but this time around SK managed to pick up the win. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

And that wraps up the recap of week 5 in the EU LCS, as Fnatic find themselves still alone and undefeated at the top of the table with a 8-0 record. Here are how the rest of the standings are looking.

  1. Fnatic (10-0)
  2. Origen (8-2)
  3. H2K (7-3)
  4. Giants Gaming (5-5)
  5. Elements (4-6)
  6. ROCCAT (4-6)
  7. Unicorns of Love (4-6)
  8. Gambit Gaming (3-7)
  9. SK Gaming (3-7)
  10. Copenhagen Wolves (2-8)


And this week’s featured match-up is the game between Giants Gaming and Unicorns of Love. This was one of possibly the closest matches that happened this week, with Giants Gaming securing the victory over the Unicorns at the end of the game.


And now we head over to the NA LCS, where a certain writers prediction about one team came true, and where any team within the top six has a chance at first place. But first here is a look at the standings in the NA LCS after week 4.

  1. (CLG) Counter Logic Gaming (7-1)
  2. (TSM) Team Solo Mid (6-2)
  3. Team Dignitas (6-2)
  4. Team Liquid (5-3)
  5. Gravity (5-3)
  6. Team Impulse (4-4)
  7. Enemy Esports (3-5)
  8. Cloud 9 (2-6)
  9. Team 8 (2-6)
  10. (TDK) Team Dragon Knights (0-8)

NA LCS Teams

And now let’s get into week 5 for the NA LCS, where the NA region is still a constant surprise in terms of who can take games off each other.

CLG – Game 1 vs Team Liquid: Champions played; ZionSpartan (Gnar) 0/3/5, Xmithie (Evelynn) 5/0/9, Pobelter (Twisted Fate) 3/3/0, Doublelift (Ashe) 3/4/3, and Aphromoo (Bard) 0/4/5. A tough game for CLG that resulted in a loss, as well as maybe a bit of foreshadowing that I mentioned last week about CLG needing to be careful or they might fall from number one. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs TSM: Champions played; ZionSpartan (Gnar) 1/3/2, Xmithie (Evelynn) 0/5/4, Pobelter (Kog’Maw) 1/3/4, Doublelift (Sivir) 5/5/1, and Aphromoo (Tresh) 2/3/4. A rematch of their rivalry match against TSM, in the first bout TSM won. However CLG would not be able to take the victory as once again they ended up committing too many mistakes which cost them. CLG receive their first 0-2 record this summer. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

TSM – Game 1 vs Team 8: Champions played; Dyrus (Gnar) 1/1/5, Santorin (Jarvan) 2/1/12, Bjergson (Azir) 4/3/7, WildTurtle (Kalista) 7/1/2, and Lustboy (Tresh) 0/4/9. Not the cleanest game from TSM, but clean enough that they managed to pick up the win against a team low in the standings like Team 8. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs CLG: Champions played; Dyrus (Rumble) 4/2/8, Santorin (Jarvan) 3/0/14, Bjergson (Azir) 6/2/7, WildTurtle (Tristana) 6/1/4, and Lustboy (Alistar) 0/4/12. This was a rematch versus CLG, in which TSM won the first time with superior objective control. And once again TSM was able to do the same thing, as maybe CLG just gets to nervous about these rivalry matches? Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

Team Dignitas – Game 1 vs Enemy Esports: Champions played; Gamsu (Hecarim) 5/3/11, Helios (Rek’Sai) 1/1/8, Shiphtur (Azir) 2/0/6, CoreJJ (Sivir) 6/0/10, and KiWiKiD (Nautilus) 3/2/9. It was a pretty clean and controlled game by Dignitas over one of the teams lower in the standings, Dignitas shown just overall superior game-play during this match. Result: Win.

             Game 2 vs TDK: Champions played; Gamsu (Hecarim) 3/2/6, Helios (Rek’Sai) 0/2/8, Shiphtur (Azir) 5/2/2, CoreJJ (Corki) 1/5/9, and KiWiKiD (Tresh) 1/5/7. A disappointing game for Dignitas, as they fall to the worst team in the NA LCS right now, but whether they were just having an off game or if TDK found a crack in their game plan remains to be seen. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

Team Liquid – Game 1 vs CLG: Champions played; Quas (Sion) 3/2/10, IWDominate (Ekko) 2/1/10, FeniX (Azir) 11/0/5, Piglet (Sivir) 3/1/8, and Xpecial (Annie) 1/2/9. This was a much needed win for Team Liquid, and a win they managed to pull off through great teamwork and off the back of FeniX and his Azir. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Gravity: Champions played; Quas (Rumble) 5/5/7, IWDominate (Sejuani) 0/4/13, FeniX (Jayce) 4/4/9, Piglet (Kalista) 5/3/4, and Xpecial (Tresh) 0/4/13. Team Liquid looked good after their first day, but now mediocre game-play have cost them yet another game they should have ended up winning. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

Gravity – Game 1 vs Team Impulse: Champions played; Hauntzer (Rumble) 6/5/13, Move (Evelynn) 2/4/9, Keane (Hecarim) 3/7/13, Altec (Jinx) 8/2/7, Bunny FuFuu (Tresh) 0/2/15. It was a pretty close game between Gravity and Impulse, both of which are middle of the table teams, it was a game that went back and forth at times but ultimately fell to Gravity for the win. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Team Liquid: Champions played; Hauntzer (Hecarim) 0/4/5, Move (Gragas) 2/2/9, Keane (Orianna) 2/0/10, Altec (Sivir) 8/1/4, Bunny FuFuu (Janna) 0/2/11. It was another close game for Gravity that was won due to superior map movement, and out rotating Liquid in objective control, while Altec on his Sivir was also instrumental in the win for Gravity. Result: Win. (2-0 on the week)

Team Impulse – Game 1 vs Gravity: Champions played; Impact (Maokai) 4/2/13, Rush (Nocturne) 4/2/15, XiaoWeiXiao (Kassadin) 6/4/11, Apollo (Sivir) 5/5/13, and Adrian (Nautilus) 1/6/16. A close game, and a game in which Impulse should have won in the end. But a game that was this close means that even the tiniest mistake can tip the game into the other teams favor and this is what happened to Impulse. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Cloud 9: Champions played; Impact (Maokai) 5/0/14, Rush (Lee Sin) 7/0/11, XiaoWeiXiao (Orianna) 6/2/12, Apollo (Sivir) 5/0/13, and Adrian (Alistar) 1/1/17. A much better match this second game, and much cleaner, which therefore resulted in the win this time around for Team Impulse. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

Enemy Esports – Game 1 vs Team Dignitas: Champions played; Flaresz (Rumble) 1/5/4, Trashy (Sejuani) 1/2/3, Innox (Jayce) 1/3/3, Otter (Jinx) 2/1/3, and Bodydrop (Annie) 1/6/3. A bad game for Enemy Esports, as they found themselves just clearly outmatched in every aspect of this match-up. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Team 8: Champions played; Flaresz (Nautilus) 4/8/9, Trashy (Olaf) 2/5/13, Innox (Varus) 4/3/10, Otter (Sivir) 4/4/10, and Bodydrop (Annie) 4/4/11. Other than Enemy all being together for when a team fight arose, there isn’t much to say about this game other than they let it get away from them, making this the second time Team 8 has beat them. Result: Loss. (0-2 on the week)

Cloud 9 – Game 1 vs TDK: Champions played; Balls (Fizz) 9/2/3, Meteos (Rek’Sai) 1/1/17, Incarnati0n (Viktor) 5/1/8, Sneaky (Ashe) 3/2/8, and LemonNation (Annie) 2/2/10. Not a great game by Cloud 9, but the end result was a win in the end, which was partly expected due to who their opponent was for this first match. Result: Win.

            Game 2 vs Team Impulse: Champions played; Balls (Rumble) 0/4/1, Meteos (Nocturne) 1/4/1, Incarnati0n (Viktor) 1/6/1, Sneaky (Jinx) 0/4/2, and LemonNation (Annie) 1/6/1. There is nothing else but to call this one by what it was; a route. Cloud 9 got completely dismantled by Team Impulse, clearly showing that they still have issues they need to resolve. Result: Loss. (1-1 on the week)

Team 8 – Game 1 vs TSM: Champions played; CaliTrlolz8 (Shen) 2/3/5, Porpoise8 (Nocturne) 2/3/5, goldenglue (Viktor) 2/1/3, Nien (Sivir) 2/3/4, and Dodo8 (Annie) 2/4/5. Not a great showing from Team 8, might have been better if their mid laner Slooshi was able to return, however that is not the case as shown in this match. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Enemy Esports: Champions played; CaliTrlolz8 (Shen) 4/3/16, Porpoise8 (Rek’Sai) 2/5/13, goldenglue (Vladimir) 3/3/15, Nien (Kalista) 11/2/10, and Dodo8 (Morgana) 4/5/14. A much better game this time, as well as the second time now this summer that they have taken a game off Enemy Esports, however Team 8 still have a long way to go if they want a shot at play-offs. Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

TDK – Game 1 vs Cloud 9: Champions played; Seraph (Gnar) 4/0/0, Kez (Ekko) 1/5/5, mancloud (Azir) 2/4/5, LattmaN (Sivir) 0/5/5, and Smoothie (Tresh) 1/6/4. A terrible game from TDK, who are still missing two of their starting players, and have people wondering if they will ever get them before the end of the season or not. Result: Loss.

            Game 2 vs Team Dignitas: Champions played; Seraph (Vladimir) 2/4/8, Kez (Gragas) 3/2/10, Ninja (Viktor) 5/1/4, Emperor (Sivir) 5/1/10, and Smoothie (Nautilus) 1/2/13. The underdogs finally strike and pick up their first win of the summer as their full squad is finally all here together. Does this win mean a swing for TDK or is it too little too late? Result: Win. (1-1 on the week)

And that wraps up the recap of week 5 in the NA LCS, where TSM has now reclaimed the lead with a record of 8-2. While TDK finally get their full roster and look for a way out of last place.


  1. (TSM) Team Solo Mid (8-2)
  2. Gravity (7-3)
  3. (CLG) Counter Logic Gaming (7-3)
  4. Team Dignitas (7-3)
  5. Team Liquid (6-4)
  6. Team Impulse (5-5)
  7. Enemy Esports (3-7)
  8. Cloud 9 (3-7)
  9. Team 8 (3-7)
  10. (TDK) Team Dragon Knights (1-9)


And this week’s featured match-up between Team Impulse and Gravity. NA loves them close games between the teams, and this match delivers in a game that shows you need to keep playing until the very end.


And that wraps up week 5 of League of Legends. Thanks for reading guys and gals, and as always, see you next time!!

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