unnamed fiasco

Unnamed Fiasco coming to PC & Xbox One

Unnamed Fiasco is coming to the Xbox One and Steam later on this year and looks like a lot of fun. If you’ve always dreamt of running around as an old lady with a moustache (it’s possible) now’s your chance.

The 2D local multiplayer game was the result of a game jam with the theme “limited colour palette” back in 2014.  The idea, based on the jam’s theme was to make the player explore the different weapon colours to get the correct weapon that may damage the opponents. This lead to a gameplay unlike the typical arena shooter and added a new strategy layer where the player has to collect the correct shards and sometimes even discard his weapon to get a different one when the opponent has a shield.

unnamed fiasco

What’s quite cool about it though, and is surprisingly a feature I’ve come across a couple times in recent weeks (see Rogue Invader & Super Rude Bear Resurrection) is that dying actually helps the player with every death spawning a clone that helps you, no doubt I’d be walking around with a whole army in the first few minutes. This cool feature actually allows the player to “self-cooperate” to defeat opponents. 

This concept of “self-co-op” combined with Minute Madness (a match modifier that randomly activates game-changing effects) creates a chaotic and fun environment for a couch multiplayer game to play with friends. All of this is powered by charismatic characters such as a lovable old lady with a moustache, a charming bullfighter and an overgrown lucha libre baby fighter.

unnamed fiasco


  • 2-4 players local multiplayer
  • Collect three shards of the same color to activate weapons. Each weapon type has its own cons and pros
  • Game modes: deathmatch, capture the flag, treasure hunt, police chase
  • Clones: when a player dies, a clone is created to help him mimicking his past lives’ movements and actions
  • Minute madness: random match modifiers such as low/high gravity, inverted controls, jetpack, grenade rain, evil eye and much more are enabled when this mode is on to completely change the match pacing
  • Itens: players can use itens to reinforce themselves or weaken opponents. Itens include weapon disable, stun, golden gun, shields and more
  • Old ladies and moustaches!


We’ll be keeping you up to date with the game but you can find more information on Facebook and Twitter.  Unnamed comes to the Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program and Steam later this year. Here’s the official trailer for the game.

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