Unity 5.2 is released, bringing with it the arrival of Windows Services

Unity Technologies have announced the release of version 5.2 of Unity. The big news in this update is the arrival of Window Services. It provides easy access to Unity Ads, Analytics Unity, Unity and Unity Build Cloud Multiplayer, without the need to integrate them into a single SDK.

Below are some new features that come with Unity 5.2;

Build, install and test your applications automatically  Unity Build Cloud maximizes the flow of development by creating versions, automatically, on different media simultaneously. It also facilitates downloading and sharing. This streamlining allows developers to concentrate on their main task, make video games.

Improve gaming performance – with Unity Analytics, discover how your games could succeed better than they do already.


A multiplayer multiplatform development – with Unity, Multiplayer is not an ordeal to create games available with equipped network components. The framework is the same whether you want to leave your title on mobile, PC, web or consoles.

More RV – Unity 5.2 provides insightful management of virtual reality, especially with its compatibility with the Project Morpheus. This means that Unity is particularly optimized for VR and AR (augmented reality) that you use Oculus Rift VR Gear or Project Morpheus.

Even more multiplatform – Unity 5.2 adds Windows 10 and Windows Universal Platform (UWP) to its fold. A UWP application works on all Windows devices, such as phones, Xbox and PC!

Native integration of Visual Studio – To complete the additions related to Microsoft, Unity 5.2 provides deeper integration with Visual Studio, enabling code and debugging process greatly improved on Windows devices. The install Unity will offer to install Visual Studio 2015 and Community Visual Studio Tools for Unity (formerly known as the UnityVS). It all works directly without special settings. Discover all this in more detail on the blog of Unity.

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