Trine 3 developers feel like everyone hates them after negative feedback

Frozenbyte Marketing Manager Kai Tuovinen and Vice President Joel Kinnunen have made a video response to the recent negative feedback surrounding Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power.

I have to say, this is the first time I’ve ever seen developers responding to bad feedback for their game, I personally loved the Trine series, as the games always look amazing. They seem to know where they went wrong, not letting fans know that they planned on extending the story based on their response. The feedback the game received was mostly criticism about the length of  the story, how easy it was and the surprise cliffhanger ending that left everyone confused. 

On Steam the game is littered with not recommended reviews but has a mostly positive rating

You can see the video below, try not to let it make you too depressed.

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  • ReaperEvolved

    It’s always refreshing to see a dev team/ company come out and say “yea; we fudged up, we are sorry.” I’m not convinced that “everyone” hates them but a lot of people felt that they abandoned too much in favour of new things. I agree that devs/companies should try new things, but its best not to do that with “much loved franchises” as upsetting your core fanbase is a death sentence, egosoft anyone?

    Judging by the fellow at 5:55 Trine 3 is going to be binned/is rubbish. Seriously fellas!?

    Deliberately splitting a big game into 2 or more parts is seen by many as a “cash grab” near regardless of price. Sorry fellas saying “yes we deliberately cut the game in half (ok in fairness charged roughly half of normal) and we are sorry” Will likely be met with “Why on earth didn’t you take longer and complete it then?” the only option to turn this around is free expansion/DLC alternatively the next instalment is a genuine 10/10.

    • Maybe this was just a teeny tiny bit too dramatic though?

      • ReaperEvolved

        It was. They fudged up but they need to take it a bit more on the chin and do something about it rather than go “everyone hates us now” cus that’s just attention seeking to be perfectly blunt