Toki Tori 2+ gets PS4 and PC Physical Release Date

Dutch Developers, Two Tribes have today announced the PC and PlayStation 4 physical release dates for Toki Tori 2+. The colourful puzzle adventure title was originally released back in 2013 and will now be available to buy from February 26. So shake off that midwinter ennui and get into higher spirits with this surprisingly deep puzzle adventure!

Toki Tori 2+ may look cute, but it’s a challenging puzzle adventure game. Whistle and stomp are the only moves you need to solve increasingly complex puzzles, as you manipulate strange critters’ behaviour and go anywhere, anytime on a lush forest island.

Toki Tori 2+ features:

  • A unique take on the Metroidvania formula: progress by exploring, observing and experimenting
  • Find the Ancient Frogs and destroy the crystal at the heart of the island
  • Whistle songs for special abilities, including rewind and fast travel
  • Use the in-game camera and snap creature pictures to complete the Tokidex
  • Push the game’s mechanics to their limits to get 15 achievements and 100s of golden wings

For more info, check the website: www.tokitori2.com

Toki Tori 2+ will be available to buy from retail stores for the PlayStation 4 and PC from February 26th.

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